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There may be lots of keyboard teaching approach and each speculate if this trade its talents and

weaknesses. Now, Let me inform you regarding the most common 3 methods

for the children? Alfred, Suzuki, Amadeus. First of all, the Alfred method uses

visual activities such as colored pictures and images? using software, compact

disks, and /or cassettes is definitely the newest up-to-date one in this approach (Piano

Instructing Method 1). As you know, an image is the greatest good friend to kids

and it can help them, possibly adults just like us, to understand something a lot easier.

Additionally , it could possibly grab kids attention more easily and quickly than

a verbal justification. For example , you possibly can make a little greeting card to show the scale

or the relationship between paperwork. It is going to be useful because students

can look by it over and over. If you add colors or some pictures to this, it

likewise would be helpful to get learners interest. This approach gives college students

strength in reading intervals and finding the intervalic relationship among

notes (Piano Teaching Method 1). However , it might cause students to

play by totally depending upon position playing instead learning how to read

the notes as it uses the concept of position playing (Piano

Instructing Method 1). In other words, college students memorize the hand location?

fingering? but is not read the records. And some people point out that the

major composers should be presented to the learners at a far earlier stage than

can be typical in this method (Piano Teaching Technique 2). This process is

suggested for beginning teachers who need a certain well prepared lesson strategy

to follow and once the professors become more comfortable and get acquainted with about

diverse methods, they can be urged to expand from this method (Piano

Teaching Approach 2). The Suzuki method? you probably heard this concept a

lot. This process was placed on teaching violin originally simply by Dr . Shinichi

Suzuki nonetheless it now is used on piano teaching also (Mills et al ed. 1). The

Suzuki method methods playing piano with tuning in and progress ear

as well as the memory rather than reading music (Mills 114). This method relies on

playing by simply ear in order that students are more sensitive about the develop they

develop and it makes student concentrate more on their playing, and become even more

expressive with all the music (Mills 114, Keyboard Teaching Approach 4). In The

Suzuki Principle, the author signifies that after the excellent playing practices have

been established, examining comes slightly later (114). However , the scholars

trained with this method may lack reading music skill because they will depend also

much about playing simply by ear (Piano Teaching Method 4). To me, the most

interesting teaching technique is the Amadeus method. The concept of this method is

that the teacher should provide a lesson to children by simply playing with music as

kids play with toys (Back and Lee 25). The author feedback that teaching how

to learn the remarks is not really a first step (Back and Lee 25). Inside the Piano Teaching

Method To Associated with Best Scholar, the author identifies that through this method, the

teacher should certainly guide children to be familiar with music by their sense of

playing, and help children to feel and express music through their particular bodies (25).

In this approach, the easiest as well as the most recommended issue for professors is to

have got children sing (Back and Lee 24). By doing that children could find out musical

factors such as phrasing. Through this approach, children can enjoy learning piano

more and understand music slowly but surely and unconsciously (Back and Lee

26). I believe that unconscious learning process may be the strongest benefits the

pupils can get using this method. But as a educator, you have to be always aware

with the lesson prepare, otherwise this approach might wrap up just as playing instead

of teaching (Back and Lee 26). Therefore , professors should always prepare the

programs carefully. As I mentioned above, you will discover strengths and weaknesses

in each approach. As a piano teacher, you ought to be knowledgeable about various

different strategies and make use of them according to the students needs. You cant

only insist on the method since each of the students learning

style changes. I believe which the role of the teacher should be to find out the

best technique for his or her pupils. Teachers should be flexible with

different ways of teaching.


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