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Taking Big Five Personality analysis was incredibly informative to me.

I found that my major strengths happen to be my visibility to experience and conscientiousness. Openness-to-experience personality aspect includes characteristics of overall flexibility, intelligence, and internal locus of control. (Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Expansion, 2010, p41) I was an incredibly flexible individual and tend to go with the flow even in high pressure situations. I need to be peaceful in my discipline of expertise otherwise I will proceed absolutely crazy. I i am a Web designer and customers change the minds of men more than you should believe.

Great attribute concerning this strength in my field is a ability to fix problems such as how to produce a high end item on a low budget. I also am a firm believer that one’s standard of success is usually primarily based around the work that they put in to themselves, not really on luck or other people. The conscientiousness personality aspect includes attributes of stability and ethics. (Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Expansion, 2010, p40) I am an incredibly reliable individual. Merely say that I will stay at your workplace all night basically have to to be able to complete a job to meet deadline, I will make it happen regardless.

As much as my ethics goes, I am extremely ethical and honest. If a coworker has to speak with myself about a personal matter they will do so not having having to worry regarding me utilizing it against them for personal gain. I want to build a trusting and supporting group to work with the industry product of integrity and dependability. The weaker attributes for me were adjustment, surgency, and agreeableness.

Although I scored half way decent high on modification, I’m nonetheless categorizing this as a weak spot. The realignment personality aspect includes attributes of psychological stability and self-confidence. (Leadership: Theory, Software, & Skill Development, 2010, p39) I use issues with keeping my thoughts in check. I have to work on my own self-control and my self confidence in my tips and capacity to make decisions.

Unfortunately, I’m incredibly insecure about my work. I possess untouchable work ethic and I’m really good for what I perform, however , I will let the the majority of unimportant review about my work get under my skin. That then and ruins all of the confidence that we recently was able to build up. Over a positive be aware, I function incredibly very well under pressure and I don’t criticize other people’s work. We rather compliment them and lift these people up.

Which goes back to the right environment which i seek. The last thing that I want to do is criticize my co-office workers in turn making a bad work environment for me and everyone else. Likewise, if the individual that I criticize has a hard time with the insecurities, saying some thing negative to them does not only create animosity it will also decrease productivity at the office. I obtained fairly low on surgency. The surgency personality sizing includes prominence, extraversion, and high energy with determination.

One of the many reason in which I scored so low in this area is that I don’t like to adjust people to get my approach. I also am not really interested in climbing the corporate corporate. From what I’ve seen in my field, I’d rather be referred to as just a designer. Reason being, the higher up you will be in my field, the significantly less actual design you usually do.

I enjoy art directing and assisting people away; however , I wouldn’t wish to art-direct all day long. Last but not least we have the trait by which I obtained the lowest, agreeableness. The agreeableness personality sizing includes characteristics of sociability and emotional intelligence. (Leadership: Theory, App, & Skill Development, 2010, p38) The reasons I scored so lower in this area happen to be I’m not too crazy about working with other folks and I’m not worried about having a few friends. Theory, Concepts and Application There are many observations that I’ve produced about me over the course of this class.

One of these is that I must adjust my own self-concept. Self-concept refers to good or unfavorable attitudes people have about themselves. (Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Expansion, 2010, p51) I’ve learned throughout this program that my own self-concept can be extremely negative. This is certainly largely because I’m afraid of my self confidence appearing to be narcissism. Quite simply, the lack of assurance is more in other’s ability to perceive myself in the correct manner.

I have an inborn and illogical fear that I’m going to come across the wrong manner and people can dislike myself if I show how proud of my work I i am.. I have a tough time at balancing my own confidence. I’m usually method below the level I should become.

My new focus should be to have more self-efficacy in order to not only benefit personally, but to also inspire my personal peers to do the same. My own self-assessment confirmed that I a new moderately high number for adjustment personality dimension. If I’m able to work on my self assurance, my general adjustment persona will also improve.

Another thing that I’ve learned about myself is that I’m genuinely not what one would define as a strong leader. I possess little dependence on surgency. My spouse and i scored the best on surgency on my individuality profile. If someone is trying to get to the rung above my for the later, I’ll probably aid them. I’m just not competitive like that and I surely i am not cutthroat.

I scored the second most detrimental on agreeableness. I get along with people alright; however , I actually am not really equipped with the social components needed for an effective leadership part. I are okay with this seeing as that a powerful management role isn’t what I seek out.

I simply want to teach and encourage people. We don’t worry about the money or the power. Finally, I’ve learned that I would have an overabundance of a Theory Y attitude as a manager. Theory Sumado a attitudes keep that personnel like to work and do not must be closely supervised in order to do all their work. (Leadership: Theory, Software, & Skill Development, 2010, p. 50) The reason the fits me personally is that I personally feel that a Theory Y manager could be the ideal head for me.

This also can relate to the extremely high rating I got for conscientiousness in the personality profile. I am a having faith in and dependable individual and I will trust my staff to be the same. Everyone deserves an honest possibility to prove themselves.

Reflective Observation I’m also more insightful following speaking to my direct supervisor about the results of my leadership profile. The girl said that she views me personally as an incredibly dedicated worker indicating that I will do what is needed to complete the job and to apply it right. She also views me as a extremely honest individual. For example , this wounderful woman has seen myself critique people’s work again and again and the girl said that what she aspects about me is that I actually won’t hold back anything and give my honest opinion.

To me, honesty right up front saves time and effort and money. I hate to see people trying to boogie around the real truth. Just claim what should be said so everyone can move in the right direction. Her description of me in shape the conscientiousness personality account the most.

The girl did agree that I can most definitely focus on my self-confidence and that I’m way too inferior. People see me praising coworker h about their operate. However , Let me bash my own work up and down and hardly offer myself the credit that I deserve. I am able to see why outsiders would check in with my behavior because negative.

To put it briefly, people will describe me personally as a great inspirational innovator to others and a danger to personally. The reason people perceive me as having low self-confidence is the method that I talk about my own work. My goal is to begin to speak very good about personally and my talents therefore people follows suit.

I received one other perspective in the personality profile from the Vp of the firm I work with. One thing that stood to be able to him about my account was the openness-to-experience personality attribute. He mentioned that our company has been through drastic alterations over the past several years which I’ve recently been flexible and resilient all along. He said that versatility is however one of the characteristics he will struggle with in employees.

However , he experienced that overall flexibility is a very good attribute of mine. Plus a pretty then go with the flow kind of lady over the past several years regardless of stressful environment. I’m optimistic that this behavior has been discovered. It makes me feel good about all the sacrifices that I’ve made for the company. Personal Leadership and Skill Expansion In conclusion, I’ve learned a whole lot of valuable information throughout this course.

To start with, I’m simply not made to be an effective leader. My spouse and i am associated with an inspirational teacher who will probably be underpaid due to my personal lack of surgency. I couldn’t be more fine with this kind of; As long as I stay faithful to myself. My own conscientiousness much more important to myself than power or money any day.

Yet another thing that I’ve learned about myself is that I must work on gathering my self-assurance. In order to effect others, the first thing is to demonstrate to them that I have got absolute trust and assurance in what I’m doing. There’s no way that I will consume a devoted audience if perhaps I’m questioning me personally on the stage. One of the confident traits that I’ve learned about myself is that I’m adaptable and devoted. I will be open to working extended stays and executing tasks that normally aren’t day to day for me in order to get the task done.

I actually also are very genuine and straight forward. The only desired goals that I really plan to arranged are working in the confidence and perhaps attempting to associate a bit more to be able to heighten my agreeableness. General, this has proven to be an incredibly helpful class.

I’m anxious to begin to apply the applications and theories on the job.

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