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‘Of Mice and Men’ was written in 1937 during the great depression, by simply John Steinbeck. Steinbeck was developed in 1902 in California; some of his other books are The Reddish Pony, Glass of Rare metal, To a Goodness Unknown, In Dubious Fight, Canary Line, Sweet Thurs and numerous others.

After months of ill well being, John Steinbeck died of heart inability in 12 , 1968 and is buried in Salinas, A bunch of states. The film was described by Whilst gary Sinise, and runs for about 115 a few minutes and was made in the USA. Of Mice and Men is suitable for adaptation since the plot line can be not as well complicated and the scenes will be relatively easy to generate, on the other hand there are several problems, a various volume of the scenes in the book cannot be adapted pertaining to the film, such as when Lennie hallucinates by the river. The opening sequence starts with George and Lennie’s escape by Weed, this is certainly set in a big open field, with radiant colours this will get the viewers attention as vibrant colours give the impression of risk.

The camera starts of in a very long shot, this is important as it displays the audience her ripped gown, then the camera zooms in to a close up to exhibit the cry and dread on her confront. The opening in the film is much more remarkable to the one of the novel, the director select the include this section because it offers a contrast coming from George being in a combined place on the train, to having dramatic colors and wide open space, this will make the film more remarkable and thrilling for the group. In the story Curley’s wife and Curley are never viewed together, they can be always looking for each other, the incident with Crooks is usually not included.

In the film Curley’s wife will not have reddish colored mules, and it is not greatly made up, she’s wearing white and pink this gives her the look of beauty and innocence, which will provide a different portrayal of the personality to the story. She is usually seen in entrances, for example when ever she views George, the camera runs on the mid taken so the viewers can see both equally their reactions, Curleys better half is looking outside the house like the girl with looking out for Curley, she is offering him no eye contact this kind of shows all of us that she actually is not trying to lead him on. George is giving her fixing their gaze, this might make her feel nervous as she begins the mess with her dress.

Inside the novel she is shown as being a dangerous, sexy character while in the film she is made to be totally different, the director provides chosen to represent her sympathetically this is because this will likely enforce more of a reaction when she drops dead, this makes the group feel compassion for her. George and Lennie are given more compassion in the film than the novel, the new is less intense. When Lennie has the battle with Curley the camera is in mid shot and Lennie is being seated, this makes him look more vulnerable. The representative uses a solid use of appear in the moments of the combat, the your punches are made to audio loud, this could make the viewers relate to Lennie.

A close up is then upon Georges confront to show his concern intended for Lennie, then the extreme close-up of Lennie is used, this is dramatic means of showing a characters thoughts, the audience are able to see Lennie’s upset eyes many makes the audience feel frightened as he offers blood on his face if he is breaking Curley’s hands, this makes the film remarkable the examining the book as the camera shots and sound can make more of an effect for the audience besides making Lennie and George even more three dimensional, whereas the book makes them appear more 1 dimensional. The beginning of the story is very diverse as Steinbeck sets the scene in clear fine detail, he produces a peaceful atmosphere by using mother nature ‘the leaves lie and so deep therefore crisp which a lizard constitutes a great skittering if this individual runs between them’.

Unlike the story the film shows an exciting and tight atmosphere. At the start of the film the representative chooses showing George over a train, this kind of scene is definitely not included available because it would only work in a film, the director works on the haunting shilling melody lingering in the background, the camera taken focuses on a lonely physique crouched inside the corner. Applying this scene at the beginning it grabs the audience’s attention and a spirited mood is set in the viewers, he sets a kampfstark contrast among that picture and the one which follows. This scene displays George soaking in the dark, which displays more about him than in the novel it shows that George is in the darker.

The film relates to Steinbeck descriptive the entire well, sometimes scenes could have been presented similar to the book. In my opinion the film does do the film justice, sometimes characters could have been presented more like the character types in the book, for example Curley’s better half, she is offered to be a flirty and hazardous character in the book and provided as a female vulnerable personality in the film. The displays are occur different ways but are successful in giving the audience the same amount of emotion such as the new.

The moments that are in the novel which are not included in the film are not important and they are replaced with scene of the identical importance which have been easier to generate. Overall the film is a good adaptation in the novel.

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