Nurse Education Essay

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Nursing jobs has constantly seemed to be a profession in which the doctor is the fans of the doctor such as their very own personal minion only performing the nominal things that the doctor will not want to do. Yet, in Florence Nightingale’s Notes about Nursing and the article “Quality and Nursing” by Lounge, Moore, and Barnsteiner you can view that rns can have a bigger impact on the healthcare system. In Nightingale’s book the writer takes a great in-depth look at nursing and exclaims it should not be the mere, “administration of medications and putting on poultices” (Florence 2). The article “Quality and Nursing” looks into what medical is as well as the potential it needs to make a more substantial impact on the healthcare program.

These two informative pieces make a claim that the nurse’s job have been inhibited by lack of knowledge of what factors make a great nurse, and this it is time to enable them to not merely be a follower of any doctor yet through better communication and continued education nurses can improve the health care system. Patient’s safety is known as a key a significant both files and with the correct nurse you may increase the efficiency of their safety. Nightingale records that with “bad hygienic, bad executive, and negative administrative arrangements, ” it is impossible for a nurse to work efficiently (Florence 2).

What the publisher is trying to talk about here is that they can do not actually know how to maintain things using a smooth trend in a clinic to increase the protection of the patients. This in turn has an adverse influence on the rns because it keeps nurses from advancing and limits those to simply be supervises of medicine and bandages. The writer later goes on to reveal which the elements of nursing are really unknown in that the art of nursing has been one that tries to, “unmake what God had made a condition to be, a reparative process” (Florence 2).

In contrast the article on “Quality and Nursing jobs, ” says that today it is not deficiency of knowledge in patient security but an absence of communication between nurses within a hospital and across the country. The writers of the article are making the actual that sufferer safety has changed into a major target for virtually every health program within the past ten years. By way of example it was observed in a examine from 2000 that 3% to 4% of in the hospital patients died from negative effects of being inside the hospital (Hall 418). One more study in 2004 revealed that 1 in 200 people died of preventable disorders that were caused from being in the hospital (Hall 418).

Through evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of procedures in the hospitals they have observed that health professionals need to get skills relating to quality control just as much as having knowledge of how to perform surgery. Just as Nightingale exclaimed, in 1859, it is not the lack of progression in medication but rather the lack of patient safety that is having nurses again from executing successfully (Florence 4). Inside the articles one can see that both equally authors notice the need for more expensive of proper care in the private hospitals. Nightingale is usually mesmerized by fact that we can advance a great deal in the laws of movement and astronomy but we could not better understand the human body which is below observation every minute of everyday.

The author is criticizing us upon being more skillful about astronomy than simple hygiene. She suggests that there are some things that the clinic could carry out to increase sanitation and quality. While Nightingale shows that there exists a need for better quality in health care she would not suggest anything that could be done. However , she states which the hospital needs to be responsible for that. On the other hand this article by Corridor, Moore and Barnsteiner present that particular programs have been completely made to enhance the quality in the workplace.

They include that methodical improvement pursuits will improve, “patient flow problems, communication about complex sufferers, and increasing medication safety” (Hall 419). Not only does this improve those ideas but as well as these attributes improve it will eventually increase the happiness of the nursing staff in the work place in turn bringing about higher sufferer satisfaction. With further education nurses also can serve as better patient recommends through, “integration of attention, provision of emotional support, education of patients and families, assistance with compensation pertaining to loss of function, and monitoring of patient status” (Hall 419).

Programs that help with the put into practice of those issues patients and families could be introduced to one common ground among medicine and natural healing. The moment nurses can fulfill this balance there might be a better ambiance for the sufferer and households as well as the medical staff.  Nightingale originally founded this basic principle with her theory about what nursing jobs is, and what it is not and one can see how it truly is finally becoming implemented today in the modern time of nursing. This being said the theories were only available in Nightingales time period really simply needed some realization to get understood.

Through these details we can see that Florence Nightingale was a extremely smart specific and set the basis for what nursing is definitely today with her conflict of the points hospitals need to improve on. This historic text relates straight to the modern textual content found today in the article on quality and medical. Once one has read equally articles it might be noted that there has been a tremendous effort to increase the quality of healthcare in the last a decade which can and definitely will benefit the patient while likewise making the work of rns more enjoyable.

The shift in these time periods has resulted in greater initiatives that manage the problems inside the hospital simply by creating more secure and more cutting-edge environments. Every one of the resources that nurses have and will be subjected to in the modern world is leading to a more efficient health program that is increasing the quality and well being of the medical field. Works Cited Lounge, Leslie W., Shirley M. Moore, and Jane L. Barnsteiner. “Quality And Breastfeeding: Moving By A Concept Into a Core Proficiency. ” Urologic Nursing twenty eight. 6 (2008): 417-425. Educational Search Leading.

Web. nineteen Feb. 2014. Florence Nightingale. Notes in Nursing. NYC. Barnes & Noble, 2003.

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