National Film Registry and Existentialism Reflection Patch Essay

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•In a way, this is certainly a stoic quote. To not let nearly anything previous to this very day affect this. Everyday keeps a new excitement and if you are considering the past, greetings ever likely to enjoy it? “The mental medical center was the ideal thing that ever happened to my opinion. ” –Patch •In a healthcare facility, he discovered he liked to help people.

He wanted to tune in to people and make them take it easy. He genuinely found his passion and without the mental hospital, this individual maybe by no means would have. “Death is not the enemy…indifference is. ” –Patch •When people are declining, showing care is the most important point. If that they don’t know that people care, that makes loss of life so much a whole lot worse. Everyone is gonna die someday.

Everyone must enjoy life. Because relating to existentialism, Kirkegaard might have thought that Spot was a great example. Having been a part of the group, however he was his own person within that group.

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