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INTRODUCTION The purpose of the educational travel is to expose students in actual industrial sectors, manufacturing companies in order to acquire knowledge, opportunities, experience rather than sitting down alone in a four corner classroom. The internet site visit location was Villar Foundation (Organic Herbal Back garden, Factory of garbage seats, Coconet coir and Peat Enterprise, This particular Hyacinth Weaving Enterprise) Lola Corazon Enjoyment Farm, Hansa Toys and Azucarera de Tarlac.

The waste plastic-type factory was our first stop. The Villar Base and the group are in control of collecting and segregating the plastic waste products, which are in that case shredded, rinsed, dried, dissolved and molded in the grow which can be designed to look like wooden items and incorporates replaceable parts amazingly!. That envirotech’s flower can produce one particular, 000 armchair/month. About 20-24 kilos of mixed gentle plastics.

That finished item has a 2 decade lifespan. Our second prevent was the Coconet factory. It absolutely was the coconut husks transformed into a chaveta net. It comes from near markets that was given by vendors.

The fiber could be extracted by using a decorticating machine, the decorticated coconut will be air dried, then a fiber plus the dust will be separated through dusting, the fiber will probably be twined and finally they’ll place it to generate a coco net. To lessen the waste in Las Pinutis produces the Villar Base also began a project to show wet waste materials into soil conditioners and Vermicompost through composting. The procedure is to combine wet squander, mostly food with coconut dust and trichodema disease that produces enzymes that helps in composting.

The Water Hyacinth weaving business was our third prevent. in cleaning the riv was the normal water hyacinths also known as water lilies that floats on the river and barriers more toxins and causes flood when it rains. They discovered a solution simply by transforming drinking water lilies in beautiful pieces of arts just like decorations and baskets. Subsequent destination was at Hansa Playthings. Artists create each Hansa animal coming from portraits of the creature in the natural environment that is manufactured from PLASTICS.

Many fabrics happen to be custom designed and exclusively manufactured to HANSA’S exacting technical specs. The pets coats happen to be meticulously hand-cut and cut, never placed out by simply machine. The animals happen to be sewn inside out, resulting in the minimization of seams. This kind of development ofan exceptional internal stitching method permits the Hansa artisans generate effects just like muscle develop and features unique with each creature. Typically, there are 42 separate items required to help to make each animal. (Some animals have as many as 240 different parts! ) The subtle colour on the animals is hand painted or airbrushed by specially trained Hansa artisans.

Every animal is hand over with loving depth to give them the life like look yet sweet confront and cuddly feel that is usually unmistakably HANSA. All family pets are made with custom designed all man-made plush materials made from high pile fully Modacrylic dietary fiber Kanecaron Company with backing material of polyster 150/48F. Last was your Azucarera para Tarlac. It is one of the best included sugar manufacturing plants producing both equally raw and refined sugar, alcohol, the liquid carbon dioxide, and yeast in the Philippines.

KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED That memorable travel advocate all of us of green living. In Villar Groundwork they transformed raw materials into something useful they will not just simply cleaning and protecting environment but as well providing a sustenance to the poor. By marketing this one particular less kid on the roadways, 1 much less person with no employment, 1 much less family with out a home, 1 less staff member stranded abroad, and most essential 1 more Filipino save from lower income.

Hansa toys says Toys that educates the heart Thinking that today’s children may play a vital role in the fate of wildlife, which toys is definitely an important tool in building children’s ideals, they have created the Endangered Family pets Collection. That they inspire children and adults (all ages) to like and learn about wild animals and they hope to inspire a life-long commitment to widelife preservation. Hence environment may be understood to be the sum of all interpersonal, cultural, inexpensive, biological, physical and substance factors around the man’ to give necessary protection to him. A clean environment is very necessary to live a tranquil and healthful life.

Nevertheless our environment achievement dirty day by day because of a lot of negligence of human beings. Costly issue which everyone must know about especially our kids. An atmosphere is the natural surroundings that really help life to grow, nurture and destroy on this planet earth.

Natural environment plays a great function in the living of your life on earth and it helps individuals, animals and also other living things to grow and develop normally. But as a result of some awful and selfish activities with the human beings, our environment is getting afflicted. It is the most crucial topic that everyone need to know how to safeguard our environment to continue to keep it safe forever as well as ensure the nature’s balance within this planet to stay the existence of life. RECOMMENDATION Everyone can do a big change to create a better environment.

Why persons having diseases? This is because of you, me, US! even a single cover of chocolate can we merely keep in the pocket for a while then throw it within a proper garbage can. Our planet is dying it is an available reality to everybody. Our planet is sick and if we can’t control its sickness we will certainly die too.

Just imagine, with out a sustainable environment we will have nothing. The dirt we’re throwing away often comes back to us it indicates nature has his very own way of taking revenge. Let us not be blind or perhaps deaf to this problem. We have to take part since if not, we may become causing our extinction

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