Multiculturalism and America’ identity Essay

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  • Published: 10.29.19
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I do believe multiculturalism tones up America’s id By allowing for other from a different nation come here, taking them while US citizens, giving the options that we have within the US that they can may not possess in their own countries. Many other countries you don’t have a lot of the freedoms as we carry out, and permitting and accepting multiculturalism we are showing the world we are a fair and nurturing country that is certainly open minded to giving other folks chances and breaks inside their lives that they may get within their own country.

Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures, wherever people via different faith based backgrounds, countries and custom are given equitable status in schools, community, cities and nations. It has given rise to multiculturalism here in America. It has brought a change of social levels, but as well made the citizen delight in equal legal rights and freedom. It has given us the opportunity to learn reasons for having other countries, their practices, religious values, and ethnicities. Multiculturalism in the usa has certainly shown strengths and is even now supporting a lot of immigrants, who have come here received great education and many have got opened their particular businesses.

The only downfalls I realize are terminology barriers, I actually strongly believe that if one lives in america they should speak English, it will create some issues in relation to communication. Which many people are not really open minded enough to allow other folks enjoy the liberties that we carry out here in the us, there are many people that feel when folks from other countries come here they take far from US citizens.

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