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Weep Freedom was obviously a movie that took place in South Africa inside the 1970’s. It is a movie with regards to a journalist, Jesse Woods, and a dark activist, Dorrie Biko. Whilst Woods was around Biko reporting the thing that was happening, Biko invited Timber to go discover one of the insolvent black township so he could see where dark people in South Africa existed.

When they came, Woods was shocked. The black people of S. africa were moving into terribly poor conditions because of the government made restrictions prove lives. Timber realizes how wrong the us government is by putting these constraints in place and begins to accept Biko and his beliefs. Biko was a extremely outspoken activist for the rights of the black persons in South Africa. The government acquired already suspended him by leaving Full William’s Area, his hometown, due to his past work for the reason.

Latter upon in the movie, Biko eventually ends up getting imprisoned after a personal speech which is outside of the area in which Biko is supposed to stay banned to. After becoming arrested, Biko is crushed to death. Since Forest had been revealing on the tale, him and Biko came into existence good friends. Following the death of his good friend, Woods decided to work to show the government’s part inside the beating of Biko. After meeting with the South Africa Minister of Justice, Woods is restricted by the government just as Biko was when the movie commenced.

After staying banned, Woods and his friends and family are targeted and stressed by the authorities. Woods deals with to escape the region of Lesotho disguised like a priest as well as the rest of his family joins him other on. Timber escapes to Botswana with the help of an Aussie journalist. Cry Freedom actually shows us the issues of South Africa through the past. Dark people by South Africa were severely discriminated against and were required to live in horrible conditions.

These terrible circumstances were pressured upon the black community by the authorities. This was the time of the apartheid system, and so the government was the cause of much of the splendour of the dark people of South Africa. The movie really displays us the real face of the government. We see how a government was behind the terrible points that occurred to dark-colored people during that time.

Not only did the government support this kind of discrimination, but it also went so far as killing dark-colored people who had been trying to speak out for their very own rights, in the same way they did to Biko. Weep Freedom displays us how horrible the federal government actually was in South Africa during the apartheid.

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