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I decided to publish about education system in Ukraine since I think it is quite common problem also because I’m students as well. Educational system in Ukraine presently stage is definitely sufficiently complex and hard-to-reach for individuals. Despite the fact that officially education is regarded as free of fees on every levels for the children, in reality father and mother confront series of problems that are generally not so easy to deal with, unless they have certain cost savings of money. So for example , mother and father are obliged to reserve areas in kindergartens even before the children are delivered.

Because allow me to explain do this when your child is three years old there will be no more vacant place kept. And of course we must not forget that all institutions of preschool educations under one reason or another demand monetary contribution pertaining to various requirements. The same range of problems is applied to college education with distinction that parents are required to purchase several teaching materials on their own most of the time. Another very important subject matter relates to the field of work out for children and teenagers.

It truly is well known that for everyone, who may be nearly half a dozen or seven years old, immovable activity on the lessons for forty five minutes is almost a pain and quarter-hour of break are not enough for correct progress and harmony on this young and developing organism. Nevertheless even despite this it makes zero difference to us and continue to insist upon such abnormal methods “doctrine of torment” for our kids. The question is for what reason?

Against the history of this day’s schedule we are confronting the constant cases of children’s overwork and fatal outcomes. The structure of higher education in Ukraine in accordance to the ideology and goals corresponds to the composition of education in most developed countries on the planet. It is very important that in Drive, 2005 Ukraine has joined the Bologna system to become an active player of development of the all-European space in the sphere of higher education.

Intended for today there are 951 larger educational institutions of numerous levels of certification in Ukraine which carry out preparation of qualified experts of more than 500 specialties. Although even more difficult responsibilities are expectation to be solved in the system of higher education, so as to adjust proximate planed dependence from demand and offer of experts in various spheres of activity. Today in our country we encounter luck of teachers, medical workers, and profile designers in various industries and in the same time we have overabundance of these kinds of professions while economists, lawyers and others. It’s not a key that education is no exception, along with other “systems” within our country, in which we confront corruption.

This issue is one of the most problematic and hard-to-solve to get Ukrainian human population. For example , Prime Minister of Ukraine N. Azarov provides signed a decree with the Cabinet of Ministers aimed at improving the standard of IT pros, strengthening cooperation between organization and education, bringing education to the requires of market and labor market. One of many key limitations of IT industry development is definitely lack of recruiting. The level of IT graduates seldom meets the requirements of the labor market today. Lack of useful training, insufficient level of English proficiency, miss of abilities working in they – all lead to the truth that only 25% of graduates are to operate IT industry and this is very low index.

Most likely that people lost the case value with the word “education” – is definitely educating, which means to create and offer new photo or persona to people but is not impose associated with unlimited quantity of knowledge and information that sometimes is not only interesting yet unnecessary. English word “education” or Latina word “educo” in comparison with the Russian equal, expose more precise definition of the notion all of us putting in this concept by growing. It is the reason for education in every country – rising new spiritual and moral technology – this is our greatest aim.

One of the vivid types of such a high-quality education were times during the imperial The ussr in the middle of XVIII century, exactly where upbringing an excellent source of level ecclesiastical and moral patriots had not been restricted by place of birth or nationality of the person. The biggest delusion in our moments is the bogus idea of technological and technological progress. Underneath the pretence of computer specialization of each tendency narrows with every working day. Workers of such a limited in profile become easy-to-handle manipulators and using their help it is possible to conform almost every getting pregnant without their particular understanding and “thinking in the truth”.

The use to another educational system, like the majority of of Europe, the assessments structure, causes these outcomes. As experts themselves state, one of the most serious problems of integration from the Ukrainian approach to education in the Bologna process – is definitely unawareness of officials of the current circumstance in the Ukrainian and Western education, as well as the objectives of the Bologna method. The system of education inside the former USSR was considered to end up being one of the best in the world.

It was certainly not declared simply by other countries by variety of reasons; a few of the main kinds were political convictions and disinclination to identify its success in every method.

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