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Of Mice and Men Socratic Seminar Issue: Was George Justified in killing Lennie? 1 . What really does the pro side believe? So why? Yes, George was Justified in killing Lennie mainly because if George was not one which killed Lennie then the additional men who had been hunting Lennie would have killed him in a brutal way for killing Curleys wife. installment payments on your What does the que tiene side believe? Why? No, George has not been Justified in killing Lennie because even though Lennie killed Curlers wife, Lennie really should have been charged like any various other man instead of being shot in the back of the head. 3. Precisely what is an option for a qualified part to believe? For what reason?

Its hard to decide which in turn side to pick because in such a way George was Justified to kill Lennie because Lennie did eliminate Curlers partner and the method that it was done it was chaotic in a way, yet he also wasnt Justified because he didnt have the right to choose if Lennie earned to live or die. four. What is your opinion? My opinion is that George did the right issue by choosing to kill Lennie. The reason to why I say that is because Support for your situation: 1 . Jot down four open ended concerns (questions that require more than a yes or no response) you believe are very important to consider before going to a bottom line. If you were in Georges location, what will you have done to Lennie? 2) Why do you think George was the one to want to take Lennie? 3) Why do you consider George lied about the gun? 4) Why do you think George murdered Lennie instead of running apart with him again? installment payments on your Write down four pieces of proof or reasons that support your position 1) l can easily still tend the rabbits, George? I didnt mean no harm, George. Lennie 2) Well, I never seen one man take a lot trouble for another guy. I recently like to really know what your curiosity is. The Boss 3) l got you to care for me, and also you got myself to appear fter you, and that’s why. Lennie 4) No, Lennie. I aint mad. I never been mad, an My spouse and i aint now. Thats a specific thing I want ya to know. George 3. Take note of four countertop arguments for all those opinions whom disagree along might go up. 1) George did the best thing by shooting Lennie because he achieved it in more of the peaceful way then the others would have completed him. 2) George realized that Lennie had to be ceased now as they had gone more violent. Within the last chapter once George saw Curleys better half he essentially said Lennie has never carried out anything in hatred, this is a sign that

George features realized that Lennie has become more determined to not get caught doing something wrong to ensure that George will not let Lennie tend the rabbits. 3) George performed the right thing by talking to Lennie and calming him down ahead of shooting him because George knew just how upset Lennie was so that he performed, but Lennie also didnt complete truly feel remorse to killing Curleys wife mainly because she would definitely go tell on him. 4) George shouldnt include lied regarding the firearm. He should have told these people the truth when he shot Lennie because he Only created a more hatred photo towards Lennie, especially given that hes lifeless and cannot prove the boys Mice and wrong even

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