Roman disposition and han dynasty comparability

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? The Both roman Empire was a strong carry over the Mediterranean for many

years. Being the aim of most all community leaders, the Romans wished land along

with their electric power. They set their sight on the useful lands surrounding them and the

Mediterranean world and parts of Upper Europe and Asia. The Roman

world and tradition was very much influenced by the Phonetians and Greeks. Afterwards

the Aventure were in control of these lands and their persons. Three of their prize

pays held in much benefit to all of them were Thrace, Macedonia, Greece.

These kinds of three lands were most located in similar area, offering a throughway

to Rome for trade tracks from China and the Middle east. Thrace, staying on the

southern western coastline of the Black Sea made it easy for the Romans to sail even farther

inland as to what is today Russia. Portugal was situated on the Agean Marine and

Miscuglio was to the north of computer tieing all three provinces together.

Just before Romans overcome Greece, there was a great civilization in itself

which includes influenced most of the Western lifestyle of today. The Greeks were people

that believe in magnificence and the very good of existence. They persons had a well developed

government program, religion, architechural advances, literary works, and gorgeous art.

Various scholars and philosophers acquired began to discover the longtime insider secrets of

the earth. The Greeks had a approach to writing and were very well educated. That they

were ultimately taken over by King Philip V of Macedonia. Selection and alliance with

Greece and gave them army aid in purchase for charge of their government and

persons. King Philip dreamed to make Macedonia a world power and intended upon

starting in the Mediterranean. The italian capital had also set the goals for their

future and there was practically nothing stopping them. One of Philip’s allies, Hanibel, went

against him and fought him for Miscuglio. The Macedonians allied while using

Carthagenians as well as the Romans together with the Aetolian Group. By 168 B. C. Rome had

Macedonia inside their command. After that, the Archaen League in Greece searched for

freedom after the long regulation of Miscuglio. They attempted to fight up against the mighty

army of the Romans, but this kind of only come int he destruction with the city, Corinth.

In 146 B. C. the Romans had abolished all leagues in Portugal, and most operate was

stopped in the big port urban centers. Rome would be over this land for sixty years to


In the mean time, the Romans realized the importance of such things just like gold. They will soon

found out that build up of platinum and other minerals were inside the uncultivated area

of Thrace. The people of Thrace had been for the most part, philistine, warlike, and

unorganized. The Romans would not have as much troubles obtaining this terrain

considering the people weren’t because advanced since the Greeks. Thrace might link Ancient rome

closer to Asia through the dock city of Byzantium. This city was along the major

paths coming out of the middle east and China.

The Romans left all their mark on all of these areas from architecture to

labels. Byzantium was soon called Constantinople after the emperor

Constantine, moved the new capitol of Rome right now there. He was the first Christian

empire of Rome. Today the church based in Constantinople (now referred to as

Istanbul) is definitely the Eastern Orthodox Church. Ninty-eight percent of Greeks will be of

this kind of donomination. Following the Romans recognized they had damaged the beautiful

urban centers of Greece they rebuilt and restored many of the complexes, but they added

their own lifestyle to them in the same movement. Hadrian, a good chief

beautified Athens and refurbished many other ruins. Constantine also restored much

of Byzantium while having been there in the reign.

Eventually, the Romans grew weak as well as the western percentage of their disposition

fell to the invaders that could soon generate their death. After Constatine had

relocated to the east and he left, the empire kept dividing in to east and west. While

the west was in raided on a regular basis the Germanic visgoths entered the Danube to

decide in Roman territory. This kind of tribe started to be allies with all the Romans although soon

revolted to crush and eliminate the Aventure. This beat made a domino impact that

the Romans could hardly control resulting in their fall season.

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