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A monologue from the play by simply Lord Byron

NOTE: This kind of monologue is usually reprinted from Lord Byron: Six Plays. Master Byron. Oregon: Black Package Press, 2007.

MANFRED: Coming from my children upwards

My Spirit walked not with the souls of men

Neither looked upon the entire world with human being eyes

The thirst with their ambition has not been mine

The goal of their lifestyle was not my own

My joys”my griefs”my passions”and my capabilities

Made me a stranger, though I used the form

I had fashioned no compassion with inhaling flesh

Nor midst the Creatures of Clay that girded me personally

Was right now there but A single who”but of her anon.

I stated with guys, and with the thoughts of men

I kept but minor communion, yet instead

My personal joy is at the wilderness”to breathe

The difficult air flow of the iced mountain\s top

Where the parrots dare not really build”nor insect\s wing

Flit o\er the herbless granitic, or to dive

Into the bit-torrent, and to rotate along

Around the swift try of the new-breaking wave

Of river-stream, or perhaps Ocean, within their flow.

In these my early on strength exulted, or

To follow through the night the moving celestial body overhead

The stars and their development, or perhaps catch

The dazzling lightnings till my own eyes grew dim

Or to appear, list\ning, within the scattered leaves

While Fall winds had been at their very own evening music.

These were my own pastimes, and also to be exclusively

For if the beings, of whom I was one”

Disliking to be so”crossed me within my path

I actually felt myself degraded to them

And was all clay again. And then I actually dived

Within my lone wanderings, to the caverns of Loss of life

Searching its cause in its effect, and drew

Via withered bone tissues, and skulls, and placed up dirt

Conclusions the majority of forbidden. I quickly passed”

The nights of years in sciences untaught

Save inside the old-time, and with time and toil

And terrible challenge, and such penance

As in on its own hath electricity upon air

And spirits that do compass air and earth

Space, and the peopled Infinite, I actually made

Acquire eyes acquainted with Eternity

Including, before me, did the Magi, and

He who also from away their fountain-dwellings raised

Ardor and Anteros, at Gadara

As I carry out thee, “and with my personal knowledge grew

The thirst of knowledge, plus the power and joy

Of the most dazzling intelligence, until””

Oh! We but as a result prolonged my own words

Offering these idle attributes, since

As I strategy the core of my heart\s grief”

But”to my own task. I have not known as to the

Father or mother, mistress, friend, or perhaps being

With whom I wore the chain of human connections

If I had such, they will seemed not such to me”

But there was One””

She was just like me in lineaments”her eyes”

Her hair”her features”all, to the very strengthen

Even of her tone, they said had been like to my own

But melted all, and tempered in beauty:

Your woman had the same lone thoughts and wanderings

The quest of hidden knowledge, and a brain

To comprehend the Universe: nor these

Exclusively, but with them gentler capabilities than acquire

Pity, and smiles, and tears”which I had not

And tenderness”but that we had for her

Humility”and that we never had.

Her errors were mine”her virtues were her own”

I cherished her, and destroyed her!

Not with me, but cardiovascular system, which pennyless her heart

It gazed on my very own, and withered. I have shed

Blood, although not hers”and but her blood vessels was shed

I saw”and could not stanch it.

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