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Maxis Berhad is a leading telecommunication company in Malaysia with more than 14. 4 mil mobile members, Maxis have been providing a complete suite of services about multiple websites to fulfill the telecommunication requires of individual consumers, SMEs and large organizations in Malaysia. Other than that, Maxis Berhad is offering on postpaid services beneath the Maxis manufacturer and by means of prepaid formast under the Hotlink. It uses the dialling prefix identifier of 012, 014 and 017.

The uses of different brands are to support each other simply by synergy value. It helps Maxis Berhad to keep up and develop prepaid businesses while carry on maintaining their very own growth in postpaid field. Maxis Berhad is the initial telecommunication company who increase integrated connection service and launched 4-G LTE which can be the highest internet speed in Malaysia. Besides that, Maxis Berhad can be described as trendy organization that produces iPhone, Cell phone and Samsung Galaxy towards the local industry compare to the other telecommunication companies, it assists local users to cope up their technology knowledge to countries.

Additionally , Maxis Berhad is having customer support center through the countries, which supplies conveniences to the customers intended for paying charges, signing up, and reporting problems. Customers are now able to reach Maxis service reps via cell phone, web and social media programs. Maxis Berhad had significant growth and strong reputation bringing advancement and superb customer service.

Maxis Call Center was granted the Best of the Best’ honor at the 2012 Buyer Relationship Administration and Get in touch with Centre (CCAM) Annual Accolades. They are the just service provider that awards scholarships to kids of their own postpaid customers. Maxis Berhad had awarded while Malaysia’s Top Ten Companies: Rated 1 Asia’s 2 hundred Most Admired Companies, The Wall Street Journal Asia in 2006. Morten Lundal was appointed being a Director of Maxis in 1 March 2013.

Maxis Berhad presently is improvement its organisational structure in four organization areas, each with its respective head to be able to strengthen their particular core organization areas pertaining to future progress. The 1st area, organization solutions, it manages the company’s business, government and SME organization. For the second area is around consumer business.

It is responsible for the end-to-end management of most mobile and fixed business pertaining to the consumer part. Sales and service, the third area, concentrates on customer service and channel and supply chain managing while the fourth, digital providers, oversees the development of Maxis’ innovative digital media and cloud-based services which includes mobile software. The four business areas will be backed in their day-to-day operations by information providers, network, finance, human resources, corporate affairs, regulating & govt affairs and legal categories. In telecommunication industry, there are many companies to choose with, nevertheless finally our group end up receiving Maxis Berhad because all of us found that it is perform better when compared to it is competitors.

The primary reason that we choose Maxis Berhad while our company is as a result of Maxis Berhad has taken care of their leadership among the telecommunication companies. They may have approximately 13 million of customer in the past year end 2013. They were as well the first company that launched 4G LTE which can be the highest internet speed in Malaysia.

That they always seek for new concepts and enhancements by locating a lot of effort and capital on the R&D investment. Following, Maxis Berhad has achieves many awards and recognitions throughout its operations period. There are two awards we must emphasize here due to these kinds of achievements have truly cause them to be more well-known.

Maxis Berhad has gained the exclusive 2011 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Prize for the Missed TEXT Notification services in the Wifi Network Facilities Innovation, TEXT network creativity category. Maxis is the initial in the world to supply this services in partnership with Acision. Besides, Maxis Berhad has received the award, Asia’s Greatest Employer Manufacturer Award on the second Asia’s Best Employer Brand Honours year 2011 which was managed by the Company Branding Institute of Singapore. It succeeds in making a culture of contribution and innovation at work and its idea in regular improvements in Human Resources guidelines.

Maxis was also recognized for its part in developing future leader. Part a couple of: Types of e-commerce applied Electric trade is commonly called e-commerce, and it is defined as the exchange of goods, services, and money through electronic mediation using Internet technology. You will find seven types of web commerce we discovered, which are organization to client (B2C), organization to business (B2B), buyer to customer (C2C), customer to organization (C2B), govt to business (G2B), government to govt (G2G), and government to consumer (G2C). First and foremost, among the types of e-commerce used by the Maxis Berhad may be the business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce.

Based on the research made, there is a 80% of the net user offers looked pertaining to the goods and services to purchase in the internet, yet , only 30% of them has truly purchased the products the services online as they might worry about the security system of the web payment. This trend have been observed by the Maxis Berhad and thus, the organization has made an organized decision to obtain collaboration with all the PayPal, a popular online payment platform, to make certain their customers (customers) can easily and safely shop online.

This will likely provide the comfort to their customers as the collaboration between Maxis Berhad and the Paypal will make simpler the process of the internet shopping today which require the customers to repeatedly fill out payment credit card and data for each deal or product owner. The customers can enjoy the speed of the online repayment with the Maxis-PayPal account. They will just need to sign in with their Maxis PayPal experience as well as all their phone number to make the payment plus the payment option is available on the web and in all key smartphone websites, such as iPhone, Android and Blueberry.

The main thing is a customers need not worry about their very own financial specifics such as credit-based card number will be exposed to others as the process of the payment is highly secure. Besides, the business to business (B2B) e-commerce is utilized by the Maxis Berhad. Maxis Berhad present an online business partnership application to prospects who are curious about on their primary website,

On the website, the company show the short introduction with their business partner, job description and partnership criteria to make the internet users more familiar with the business partnership that this company looks for. There are 3 types of select lovers that the firm desires, that are application answer provider, articles provider along with system integrator. Furthermore, the kinds of alliance exhibited on the website will be technology associates, device and hardware lovers, and the consulting partners. Since the appliers has been successfully selected, Maxis Berhad will collaborate while using selected organization partner (applier) to create a various mobile solutions for the applier’s organization.

Moreover, the collaboration will generate repeatable and market-impacting range of motion solutions for the selected business partners, within just selected industries. There are also several benefits the fact that selected organization partner will gain such as the leverage on the Maxis’s solid branding, leveraging on Maxis’s global communications alliances, influence on Maxis’s communications technology competence & technology roadmap etc. Part several: Identify from the Information Program The Information System is explained by the BusinessDictionary. com as a mix of hardware, application, data, telecoms and trained personnel prepared to aid planning, control, coordination and decision making in an organization.

According to Valacich and Schneider (2014), Details System permits an organization being more fruitful and profitable. It also assists the organization to achieve competitive edge towards the rival in the industry. Most of all is contacting more customers and increase the organization service to their customers. Maxis Berhad as one of the main agencies in Malaysia telecommunications sector, its organization nature is going to generate plenty of transactions, each of the transaction is made up of a specified subscriber’s activity such as phone calls, TEXT and info roaming. Maxis Berhad needs to use the different information system to help the organization to deal with their customers appropriately.

1) Purchase Processing Program While any transaction happens by the reader, Maxis Berhad is recording those deals and encoded into several format. The recorded ventures is called Contact Data Information (CDR). The CDRs could be encoded by simply various platforms and protocols, for good examples ASN. you, XML and CSV. Allowing Maxis’s Purchase processing program to function, 1st those encoded transaction data will be segregated into amounts and regularly transfer for the position exactly where this system can easily process it.

The Transaction Processing Method is arranged and grouped into batches and periodically to evaluate all the new transactions data batch. The TPS uses standard network protocols to transfer the CDR batch file towards the TPS. TPS is responsible in making sure the honesty of each file transferred, making certain no IP network problems renders the file corruption. Other than that, additionally, it ensures the transaction data are certainly not corrupt and not process more than once. After the mistake checking full, those subscriber’s transaction info will backup in a permanent memory for future make use of.

Some Governments require that the record of every transaction must be stored infinitely in its uncooked format. Once the Maxis Transaction Processing Program gathers the batch of transaction info, it will decode the data in human understandable format. Followed by, enhances the details within the transaction data about the subscriber’s activity and have a replica checking.

After all the deal has been refined, it will insert into a particular datastore. The decoded CDR batches are then checked for replicate records. Even though the intermediate finalizing on the CDR batches include completed, the CDR will certainly loaded in to the specific data store, the Transaction Finalizing System will certainly summarize the important detail from the CDR and able to present those details to the Maxis management to ensure Maxis managing to assess the performance of Maxis Berhad.

Lastly, the Transaction Digesting System enables Maxis Berhad to present the company performance through the total annual report to the shareholder about the daily procedure. 2) Management Information System According to BusinessDictionary. com, Managing Data System (MIS) is refers to an organized method to be familiar with information demands of an organization’s management each and every level for making operational, technical, and strategic decisions. This system objective is always to design and implement types of procedures, processes, and routines that provide suitably detailed reports within an accurate, regular, and on time manner.

In management information program, modern, electronic systems constantly gather relevant data, both from inside and out of doors an organization. This data can then be processed, bundled, and stored in a centralized database (or data warehouse) where it truly is constantly up to date and made available to all that have the authority to access it, in a type that meets their goal. Managing Data System (MIS) is one of the widely used information system by Maxis to check the customers, restore pending charges, and disperse the bills to their buyers. The information offered by MIS permit managers to plan and control the various strategies of Maxis in order to make better decision for the business.

The purpose of MIS should be to meet data needs pertaining to decision-making of all the managers in Maxis. The next objectives of MIS is provide and set strategies and desired goals. Those processed data received will be used several purposes in Maxis. Computer based LOS helps Maxis to gather process and info efficiently. Maxis using the notion of information technology to enhance their performance and functioning capacity.

Normally MIS is used by Maxis to process their data and present the output in several types of reports applied at regular intervals. Distinct level of managers of Maxis is making use of the information to realize the purpose of the business, its plans, programs, strategies and desired goals. Maxis generally focus in Customer Verification, Recovery and Bill Distribution. Without using LOS, Maxis can face complications to check the status of customer confirmation, recovery or bill sent out to the customer.

With all the concept of MIS, Maxis can certainly determine the status and situation mentioned above. By developing TAT (Time Share Table) in MIS, the MIS exec gives predefine time to every customer confirmation executive to complete the case. The TAT will total the confirmation case by simply showing the truth, assigned executive, date of case invested in executive and date limit. By using this sort of TAT, the MIS executive or director is able to examine the status of performance of verification quickly.

In conclusion, MIS is one of the powerful systems to get collecting and managing your data for Maxis. The development of MIS for corporation enables Maxis to find various kinds report just like pendency at executive level, pendency at agency level, the overall performance of Maxis in an powerful way. 3) Electronic Trade system Relating to Valacich and Schneider (2014), Digital Commerce is identified as the exchange of goods, support and funds among organizations and their clients, and among customers, maintained communication solutions such as the Net.

From the previous study offered, the business to customer ecommerce system (B2C) is used simply by Maxis Berhad. Maxis Berhad has made a global first tactical collaboration while using PayPal, the the world’s leading on the web payment option provider to provide their consumer a better and efficient on the net service. Which has a Maxis PayPal account, the customers can carry out your online payment faster and conveniently. They were doing not need to navigate to the Maxis store/department purposely to set off the payment, but instead, they simply need to log in with the Maxis PayPal credentials or their phone number to help make the payment and this changes provides the convenience and save enough time of the clients.

Besides, you will find major smart phone platforms where payment option is available, such as as iPhone, Android and Blueberry. Furthermore, the customers need not have the protection concerns regarding the system and their financial information such as credit-based card number will be protected underneath the system as the process of the payment is highly secure. Morever, the business to business web commerce system (B2B) is also applied by the Maxis Berhad to communicate’ with all the potential spouse. Maxis Berhad has created their own website in addition to the website, there is also a webpage of online business collaboration application which is used to attract the partner.

The partner (webpage viewer) can get the adequate facts and information regarding the alliance in the web page through the BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS system, hence, it will make sure they are to be more confident in doing the business enterprise with the Maxis Berhad. Part 4: T W U T Research (b) Quality of Organizing Planning is definitely an essential procedure for every organization. Maxis make use of Management Data System (MIS) which is a computer systems used for info managing to create searching, examining data and spring details easier.

MIS are traditionally used by Maxis to review and assist in strategic and operational activities to generate details to improve productivity and performance of making decisions. (c) Quality Control and Supervision Maxis with the Purchase Processing Program (TPS) and Management Information System (MIS) are built and maintained correctly in their managing, the activities within the business environment are regularly monitored. This is because monitoring is undoubtedly an impact in improving control over every process and actions occurring inside the company.

With this, Maxis has the capacity to reduce the loss in information and keep a better record of the management. (d) Top quality and Responsiveness of the Competitors’ Condition Facet of business intelligence is important since a long time with a various formats and desires. Maxis in order to reach the idea of quick and appropriate response for the dynamics in the competition, that they rely on the Management Details System (MIS) to need, collect, assess and put together the information required by decision makers in the company.

With the aid of information system, Maxis is able to grow and remain competitive in the telecommunication industry. (e) Customers’ Pleasure Maxis capable to easily discover the activities and behaviour with their customers with the aid of Transaction Digesting System. Besides, Transaction Digesting System (TPI) will increase the process in order that, the time required to serve a buyer can be more quickly. This not only helps you to improve the efficiency and efficiency in operation nevertheless also raises their customers’ satisfaction of their services.

Disadvantages (a) High Maintenance Fees Data Systems including Transactional Finalizing System (TPS) and Management Information Program (MIS) need a high cost to keep up its procedure from day to day as the company have to hire repair team pertaining to the maintenance to run the system easily. Maxis Berhad has to retain the services of employees or technical who are able to accurately maintain the operation of computers, company website, and other Information Systems as well. It implies that Maxis Berhad contains a huge finances on the salary and timeshare.

For example , the organisation has to hire experienced technical with high salary to keep an eye on the systems and repair it when it is stopped working. This would bring about the elevating of the work cost and directly increase the company expenses. (b) Deficiency of internal securities control Details outflow is one of the serious complications faced by Maxis Berhad. Customers’ info is the main concern needed to protected for the telecommunication business. Maxis Berhad has approximately 13 , 000, 000 of consumer during the year end 2013.

For instance , the output of secret information of Management Details System (MIS) will cause the competitors to get competitive advantages over Maxis and straight lead to the loss of the profit. The current of the information outflow for Maxis Berhad are once their databases system bombarded by the outsider or taken from the inside personnel. It is because the price for the information is extremely high. Besides, this is a really strong weapon for the competitors. (c) Unstable Providers of the Data System Maxis Berhad has launched 4G LTE, which can be the highest internet speed in Malaysia. However , Maxis Berhad has received a lot of complaints through the customers regarding its 4-G and 3G services.

However the quality of Maxis assistance has been considered to excellent in Malaysia, but , the services is yet to be enough stable to get to the customers expectation. The network service of Maxis typically drops to edge, and frequently is very slower and even does not have connection. The 3G assistance still has certainly not fully cover in the Malaysia and for the brand new 4G service; it simply covers pertaining to the couple of particular place.

Besides, information system is probably not always function perfectly. It could cause by system tenderize, operations disruptions and so on. (d) Poor client services Although the distribution from the Maxis wall socket is very large and accessible in many locations, but , not every the Maxis outlet has the capacity to provide the enough customer service. For instance , some of the Maxis centre is merely able to permit customer make the payment and deal with a few small circumstance, and customers need to go urban areas to get even more services. For instance , the small Maxis firm is unable to help the customer if the customer has reduction his simcard and want and settle back the number, he might need to go to the Maxis hub in order to get this service.

The most important thing is definitely the customer actually need to pay for the services. Options (a) Elevating Visibility to Outsider Utilizing the e-commerce system, the message regarding to the sales can easily be transmitted towards the public by simply Maxis Berhad more effectively when compared to other connection companies. In this case, the customers can get the latest sales information of Maxis Berhad all the time through their website, individuals users in a position to get most accurate data whenever they require. E-commerce program offers different methods to present data.

Therefore , Maxis Berhad is far more user-friendly when it adding more features to their website. (b) Making decisions of Investment Decision making of investing Maxis Berhad can be made throughout the reports offered by the Managing Information System (MIS) of Maxis Berhad. Decision backed with ok information combined with the intelligence with the company’s company directors can lead to unexpected opportunities. Maxis Berhad supplies their monetary report to the public, so their potential trader will make decision whether to invest Maxis Berhad. (c) Acceleration time-to-market for new products B2C e-commerce of Maxis may introduce all their new telecommunication plans more efficient in the market.

The moment Maxis puts out their plans online, it can be faster for the information to reach their customers available in the market because it removed the time consuming processes just like printing and distributing hard copies, flyers, leaflet and brochures towards the customers. In order to compete with additional potential competition like DiGI and Celcom, Maxis need to be first permitting the information of their products reach the customers. That way can lead those to have competitive advantage. (d) Focus on Marketplace Segment Applying Managing Details Systems (MIS) enable Maxis Berhad to analyse specified market, and narrow the marketplace in the telecommunication industry.

This kind of Managing Details Systems help organization to analyse consumers’ buying behaviour so that Maxis Berhad may efficiently marketing and advertising their business plans for the target market. (e) Lower procurement and syndication costs When there is a immediate online discussion between Maxis and its buyers, so this business able to understand the market better. The formation of relationship with the consumers will cause subscribe services or obtain electronic devices by Maxis immediately. As a result Maxis can get rid of the middleman; it will cause reduction in price.

At the same time, buyer of Maxis will be beneficial from the affordable price. Hazards (a) Good Competitors In telecommunication sectors, there are a lot of other strong opponents such as DiGi, U-Mobile, Celcom and so on. Good competitor is one of the threats that almost all organizations will knowledgeable. Strong opponents will offer a lot more benefits towards the consumers which might influence Maxis’ customer options. This will trigger Maxis to suffer reduction on their product sales and consumer.

For example , consumers will prefer a lower cost telecommunication network to save lots of more bills. (b) Destructive Emails Electric messages enable easy marketing communications between Maxis and their buyers in B2C e-commerce although most of the electronic messages today cannot be quickly trusted. This is due to most of the emails were delivered by private and they may possibly attach a lot of phishing backlinks in the emails.

With a great accidently click of the scam link can lead Maxis’ computer software disorders bugs which will automatically infect computers with out further action. (c) Id Theft and Internet Frauds The bigger the dimensions of the companies and the even more advance details systems utilized, therefore Maxis will show to more risk regarding the frauds within the Internet. For instance , Maxis can face lack of important information in the event that they fall under the snare of identity theft that uses bogus credentials to get information, providers and credit rating while Maxis using Purchase Processing System (TPS). Once TPS is usually processing the transaction info, the data might be alter and become stole at the same time of coding and solving.

Leak out of important info will give a huge impact to Maxis as they may lose the competitive positive aspects in the telecommunication industry. (d) Blended Problems Blended harm happens when the criminals work with multiple strategies to beat however, best reliability in order to get the confidential information of a company. Since the competitive advantages are so strong in the telecommunication industry, the hackers may hack into the Managing Info System (MIS) to obtain Maxis’ various confidential reports, Maxis will be the next victim to get hacked since the bad guys leak all their company’s secret information towards the competitors.

Maxis will deal with losses of their confidential data which might affect the company’s future performance and shareholders’ self-confidence in their business. (e) Delivery Risk Business to Client (B2C) among the e-commerce using by Maxis. While having online marketers, Maxis faced with a very important concern which is how this company deliver the electronic devices. Company must be cautious in getting a delivery methods to ensure the item reach the customer in time with out damage needs to be found as well as to minimize the damages that can be caused.

For example , when Maxis deliver handphone device just like Apple or Samsung to the customers, they have to ensure the deliver cost be reduced including the injuries that might happen in the process of delivery. Part 5: Advice Weakness (a) High Maintenance Fees In the telecommunication services industry, it is hard to reduce the production costs to set lower price in order to pay for the maintenances fees and compete with different ones competitors including Digi, Celcom, and U-mobile. Maxis Berhad may put emphasis to focus on the item innovation and product features in order to fulfill the customer requires. For example , the launched of the 4G LTE services include huge improves in their earnings.

Besides, Maxis Berhad can easily apply for money, discount or allowance from the government to reduce their maintenance fees. (b) Insufficient internal investments control Maxis Berhad need to always bring up to date and boost their securities system in order to stop attacked by the hackers and viruses. Maxis Berhad can hire secureness agencies to monitor and protect their system at all times. Besides, Maxis Berhad must strengthen inner control policies, processes and procedures and also monitor their particular employees that are responsible for the customer’s information to prevent information outflow.

The info of the consumer needed to fully secure to guard the company’s image. (c) Unstable Services of the Details System Maxis has to matter about the unstable providers. Most importantly, Maxis must invest in the regular update and routine service for the unstable solutions although the expense is very high. Besides, 3G and 4G services available place should be expanded in order to get even more customers who also stay for rural areas. It is because nowadays the 3-G and 4-G is very important, consumers tend connect with internet whenever and wherever by using the services, so , the stability of 3G and 4-G will be the crucial criteria can be in seeking the telecommunication service.

Using a better 3G and 4G services and wider coverage, Maxis may have the competence to contend with the solid competitors, by way of example P1 wimax is a rival of Maxis who offers cheaper packages. (d) Poor customer services Customer service takes on an important part in the business especially in the telecommunication market, with good customer service, it’s able to retain the existing customers and attract more potential customers to subscribe the Maxis services. Maxis has to make the Maxis middle become one-stop service to be able to facilitate the shoppers and make them to be more satisfied with the Maxis services. Besides, Maxis has to showcase their services and offer totally free services to the customer in order to attract more consumers and increase company’s picture.

Threats (a) Strong Rivals The business mother nature of Maxis Berhad is definitely oligopoly competition, which is a form of market contact form in which the industry (telecommunication) is usually dominated by a small number of retailers. Competitive romantic relationship between the Maxis berhad and other companies is usually strong. Consequently , the Maxis Berhad have to aware of the actions more and make the most suitable decision based on your decision of different company.

Therefore, we is going to recommend that the Maxis Berhad could put into practice the market study and evaluation system to investigate their competitors as well as deploy the job priced at system to manage and decrease the cost of creation, and indirectly, they could adjust and lower their pricing to achieve the competitive advantage. (b) Malicious Email messages The various other threat is a malicious email messages. In this case, we would recommend that the Maxis Berhad could create their own unique symbol or perhaps signature for the email that they sent to absolutely free themes in the B2C ecommerce transaction in order to separate it with all the malicious emails. (c) Personality Theft and Internet Frauds The identification thief and internet scams is also among the threats the Maxis Berhad faces.

Within our opinion, the business could deploy the information reliability management system (ISMS) to provide yet another protection for the company details to make it secure. (d) Blended Problems The other threat is definitely the blended strike. In order to take care of the combined attack, we all will advise that the Maxis Berhad should master the network facilitators to make that more aware about patch management, make use of server software program to identify the spyware and adware and keep changing and using the firewall items. (e) Delivery Risk The delivery risk is also a threat the Maxis Berhad needs to matter about.

Within our opinion, the Maxis Berhad should implement the support delivery risikomanagement (SDRM) to enable the Maxis having a better understanding issues client profitability, cost and revenue individuals, and exception management and governance process. Part 6th: Conclusion In the beginning, our group decide to choose Maxis Berhad primarily based the company’s performance as well as achievement. Through the part of the kind of e-commerce utilized by Maxis, each of our group identified that there are two type of this which is business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B).

There are 3 type of information system employed by Maxis which is transaction finalizing system (TPS), process all the routine deals in the business which can be necessary and able to observe consumer behaviour at the same time; Handling Information Program (MIS), program that develop detailed information to help control the company; electronic commerce system (ECS), system allow customers to get goods and service coming from Maxis. Via SWOT examination above we recognise the strength part consist of Quality of Internal and External Marketing communications, Quality of Planning, Quality Control and Supervision, Quality and Responsiveness of the Competitors’ Condition and Customers’ Fulfillment.

As the weakness section of the information system brings to Maxis which is Excessive Maintenance Fees, Not enough internal investments control, and Unstable Services of the Information System and Poor consumer services. The opportunities happen to be Increasing Awareness to Incomer, Decision Making of Investment, Rate time-to-market achievable products, Give attention to Market Section and Lower procurement and distribution costs. In addition , there are also five hazards of the information system aid Maxis which will Strong Competition, Malicious Emails, Identity Thievery and Internet Frauds, Blended Attacks and Delivery Risk.

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