Main Causes of Culture Shock Essay

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Walking out of one’s rut is rather than an easy stage to take, let alone stepping into a foreign area. Culture impact is one of the very common problems many face, specially when travelling abroad. For the purpose of this kind of essay, the definition of “culture shock” refers to the unfamiliar feeling of a new ambiance when in another country.

It also refers to the ability to conform experience and accept another country’s lifestyle. The main causes of culture shock will be difference in values, loneliness, as well as daily life challenges. To start with, one of the main causes which help the feeling of lifestyle shock is due to the difference in values. Principles may differ when it comes to religion, laws and regulations, traditions, and customs. Many embarking on a journey to a foreign area have to recognize and learn the other country’s ideals in order to be able to enjoy the richness of the regional culture.

Nonetheless it may seem to be very difficult to take the new principles as it differs too much by another country’s culture, thus causing traditions shock. A good example would be that lots of international learners might have problems adopting the modern values that the foreign nation adopts, and may feel homesick due to the culture shock. Therefore , the difference in values is among the main factors behind culture impact.

In addition , another cause of culture shock is because of the feeling of loneliness. The sensation of solitude can cause various adverse effects, creating depression and anxiety. Various suffer from culture shock due to loneliness since, like a child in school the first time, there are simply no familiar faces to be seen everywhere.

It is a distressing experience just as a foreign land there might be a language hurdle and an improvement the lifestyle which might hinder the socialising and cause loneliness. A good example will be when worldwide students live in home stays on they might truly feel a sense of isolation due to the fact that environmental surroundings in the home stay as well as the food served may differ a lot from your student’s house back in their very own homeland. Consequently , loneliness should indeed be another key cause of traditions shock. The very last and most important cause of lifestyle shock is definitely the daily life problems. Like a fish out of the water, it is a extremely new environment when within a foreign country.

The weather, transport, language to speak in turns into a challenge, as each region has its own personality. It can be a daily struggle for many to adapt to these key differences and would have awhile to get used to the modern environment. A good example would be that many migrants might take at least per month to climatise to the new temperatures as unlike Saudi Arabia with incredibly hot weathers, countries their best Zealand include very cold temperatures.

Thus, day to day life challenges are definitely the most important cause of culture distress as it is challenging to adjust to a new environment. To sum it up, lifestyle shock can be caused by the contrasts in beliefs and principles, it is also caused by the first stages of feeling separated from home not only that it is also due to the problems confronted on a everyday basis. Perhaps the most important purpose is the complications faced on a day to day basis.

This is so as it would result in a significant sum of difficulty and changing to the person for a period of time, thus starting a transition period to cope with culture distress.

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