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Conflict is an integral part of individual culture. When a number of people of interact with their particular individual viewpoints, view factors, ideologies, social and interpersonal backgrounds and intellectual expansion then distinctions and discussions are sure to arise being a logical and inevitable effect of the connection (Killian and Pammer Jr. 2003, 3).

These distinctions, acted upon by simply incompatible interests of attaining personal goals, turn into conflict inside groups, communities and countries. (Rahim, 2001, 1) The higher the variety and wealthier the account of a society, the greater may be the scope and range of the embedded discord. Therefore it is necessary to educate people on understanding and controlling conflict and treat since an integral element of a democratic society that is certainly important for developing a healthy cultural life (Killian and Pammer Jr. 2003, 3).

In every conflict, whether it be individual or perhaps at sociable scale, traditions has always an important role to play. Based upon the celebrities involved as well as the context of conflict, the role of culture incompatible can be direct or refined, but it is always present as the ultimate factor in deciding the scope of conflict, its direction or perhaps its result. Culture even decides the presence of conflict, for individuals that are inserted in the tradition of discovering world as a harmonious entity, may not be aware about any discord through their particular life. In all the major differences, debates and disagreement happening around universe, differences in ethnical identities and perceptions are fundamental causative factors.

Another evidence of the role that culture performs is evinced by tranquility and a harmonious relationship existing among societies which have same culture, such as noticed between USA and The uk, sharing same historical and cultural root base. Every turmoil, whether it is trans-generational, geographical, faith based, organizational, or perhaps personal, contains a cultural aspect involved. People enshrined within their own tradition often react with hostility against any cultural identification that looks contrary to their thought process and ideas.

This follows consequently that virtually any effort of conflict resolution must incorporate cultural understanding and acknowledge the existence and necessity of range (ibid).

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