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Bethany Simpkins

Dr . Stege

FYS 101. 017

27 Mar 2005

Knife in the Drinking water

Roman Polanski uses the camera during his film Knife inside the Water to symbolize the numerous distinctions between the characters and specifically how he wanted those to be portrayed. Polanski uses the camera to bring the group directly into the tense, energetic, and useful nature of his displays. Through these types of characteristics he is able to display these types of characters since dysfunctional, might be even referring to similarities to several humans in society. Due to this, Polanski identified great success in his certain uses of camera tactics and depictions of his characters. The detailed displays found during Knife inside the Water support illustrate the prevailing infatuation, intensity, and discomfort hovering over the three characters.

The camera manipulations begin immediately in the film and carry on till the conclusion with the personas and their settings as the only focus. The audience first opinions the relationship of the married couple, Krystyna and Andrzej through an unclear car car windows, reflecting the vast clear trees surrounding them. Because of this deficiency of insight into the opening field, the audience can only assume the 2 are a couple by their closeness shown in a vehicle, although it appears to be uncomfortable for these people. This gives the concept they have been jointly for sometime and have cleaned off the need for communication. The closeness Polanski uses to depict the couple in each and every scene is usually soon split up by the newly added 3rd party, the fresh hitchhiker. By giving him not any name, Polanski seems to have him solely stand for the major contrast between couple and him. For this reason beginning comparison, the tension between your characters begins to form.

The tension also forms or in other words that the heroes have no specific roles however, leaving all competing pertaining to dominance in this situation. The drive pertaining to dominance commences with the fresh hitchhiker and Andrzej the moment Andrzej purchases the child to coil up the string. Polanskis close up of Andrzej and placing of him over the child show he wants to be considered the dominating one in this. The view in the youth from the camera in this landscape shows his child-like characteristics when he phone calls Andrzej a drill sgt, but then wraps up the task in any case. Tension among these two males continues when the knife is first shown. Polanski keeps the hitchhiker in the foreground as well as the couple in the back to once again show their very own differences, as well as the building anxiety. The few is portrayed close together once again, while the young boy generally seems to control this scene. This infers that the boy holds power above them that may be seen as in case it is through his own eye. This view from the character types eyes is definitely once again used with Andrzej if he watches his wife and the young youngster walk across the pier with each other. The view is quite effective in creating a build-up of a lot more tension between the two men. This rivalry finally turns into dismantled the moment Krystyna as well as the hitchhiker happen to be alone included together. End of trading up of the 2 and their hug creates intimate tension and victory to get the youthful boy more than Andrzej. These types of visual effects make it possible for Polanski to show and reflect the true attributes of the heroes and the stress between them all.

Polanski uses other camera manipulations to aid display the tension between the three characters as well as their separated state from the rest of culture. This can be seen in all of Polanskis long pictures of the boat on the pond or with the couples car. There is under no circumstances another boat or car ever displayed in any from the scenes. This causes a desolate feeling and complete and utter pessimism for three. On the other hand, in addition, it adds to the tension because of the newly shown solitude of each character. The placement of the 3 characters on the boat also displays the tension within a triangular impression, making the known statement threes an audience seem accurate in this instance. Polanski also focuses on the personas feet several times inside the film. This can help show a characters alter of actions, emotion, or decision

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