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The Greeks had an anxious individualistic strain that led them to high levels of creative work in skill, science, and literature. These were by nature very sensitive to splendor and made the creation and enjoyment an important and necessary component to their lives. The Parthenon is a amazing monument known for its best simplicity of design and the harmony of its ratios. 1 In the architecture, to the sculpture, for the history of this great monument the Parthenon remains a work of art.

The Parthenon is a historical Greek serenidad dedicated to the goddess Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin), on the Tower in Athens. 2 Most Greek cities had an tower (meaning large city in Greek). The Greeks designed three architectural systems, referred to as orders, each with their personal distinctive ratios and outlining. The Greek orders are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. 3 The Parthenon structures is of the Doric order. It is the earliest and most basic of the Greek architectural purchases. The Parthenons columns provide an impression of graceful solid design and electrical power.

It was built by 447 to 432 BC, under the leadership of Pericles. The Parthenon was a rectangular shape marble temple measuring regarding 102 by simply 230 feet. It had 17 columns along each of its attributes and almost eight columns on each of your end. 4 The ranges between the columns of the Parthenon vary mathematically so that once viewed from afar, the columns reflected optical distortions. For example , a line that was perfectly direct would appear to be it was hovering outward. To be able to compensate for this distortion, the builders willing the articles inward simply slightly.

There was four types of sculptures featured in the Parthenon. They were the sculpture of Athena, the Ionic frieze, the Doric metopes, and the pediments. Except for the gold and ivory sculpture of Athena, all of the additional sculptures were painted with bright hues. When the Greek temple constructors placed a sloped roof top over the entablature it remaining a triangulado space at each end of the building. This kind of empty space needed decoration so the pediment was created. The East Pediment over the front side entrance describes the birthday of Athena, which has a number of gods and goddesses on either side.

The battle between Athena and Poseidon, the god with the sea, can be found on the Western world Pediment. a few The metopes were square panels designed in comfort that revealed battles between mythological statistics. Originally there was 92 metopes, 32 to each side and 14 on each end. The Ionic frieze decorated the outer perimeter of the naos wall space and was around 325 feet extended and three-feet three ins in height. That represented the festival of Athena and portrayed teenagers and women, artists, priests, and sacrificial pets in ceremonial procession for making an giving to Athena.

The off white and precious metal statue of Athena was located in the back of the central chamber and was approximately 33 foot tall. The helmeted empress stood relaxing one hand over a shield and holding a winged figurine of Success in the additional. 6 A war with all the Persians that ended in 479 BC damaged the complexes and typical monuments on the Hold. A program was put into place by Athens leader Pericles to beautify Athens and display its ethnic importance. His plan was to rebuild the Acropolis with all the showpiece staying the Parthenon.

Construction in the Parthenon started out in 447 BC, plus the dedication in the temple came about in 438 BC with all the installation of the statue of Athena. The Parthenon was converted to a Christian church in AD 426 and dedicated to Hagla Sophia. Later on, in 622, it was rededicated to the Virgin Mary. In order to accommodate the worshippers in the church a bell tower went up in one particular corner and an church was placed at the end with the building. In 1687 a Venetian general laid siege to Athens and the Parthenon suffered intensive damage. 7 In Closing, the Parthenon is actually a beautiful composition.

The sculptures have to be some of the greatest works of Greek fine art. From the decorative frieze that wrapped about the outer walls of the serenidad, the metope panels depicting figures in combat, for the East Pediment portraying the birth of Athena and the Western world Pediment displaying the battle between Athena and Poseidon how strongly alive they have to have looked like. Its unfortunate that there is very little left with this beautiful composition. What a eyesight it must have already been to see the complex detail that went into creating such a beautiful structure.

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