K to 12 in the Philippines Essay

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  • Published: 01.22.20
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The Department of Education’s quest speaks plainly of the dotacion of a top quality basic education that should be attainable to all and one which shall lay the foundation of a lifelong learning and self-actualization necessary for citizenship in the local, national and global milieu. This mission can easily be understood if indeed our educational system complies with the challenge with the new centuries. Currently, teachers just noticed that our educational system has not been updated concerning meeting a global competitiveness.

It ought to be an acceptable reality we have created graduates who lack the skill sets, who may not be recognized worldwide, and who have do not possess entrepreneurial skills or perhaps the basic expertise for higher education. I personally assume that it is about time that we start off changing the educational system of the Philippines through the implementation from the K to 12 Basic Education Plan. As a second school instructor, I have observed personally just how our small generation participants without having themselves equipped fully the basic understanding they must allow us in the previous curriculum implemented in the schools.

In respect to a survey, it is only the Philippines that has not adopted the more than a decade basic education program in the entire Asia. This can be a very reasons why even if we certainly have intelligent and globally competitive graduates, these graduates are not able to still be named professionals in another country because they lack the number of years to full the basic education. Its implementation is actually a striking and an excellent challenge to curriculum builders and implementers (teachers) within our country.

There are several problems that we have to overcome. But with everyone taking a look at one perspective, holding hand in hand towards the successful implementation, lifting up each of our state of mind – then this K to 12 rendering will have an excellent journey.

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