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Junk food is a favorite in this society. Fast food eating places make it easier to get food on the run. The greasier or sweeter food is the better. Although junk food and sugary offers caused various health problems. In the event there was a junk food duty, the government was target food that contain partially hydrogenated veg oils, foods that the key source is usually salt, strength drinks, caffeinated beverages and foods, and soft drinks with high sweets content.

(Todorova, Elena 1 . 1-1. 4) I believe adding taxes to junk food could help the decrease many medical condition, but I will do more research before I decide. In America over 300, 500 people are obese and that quantity continues to grow as the about of junk food that is certainly being consumed. This expense the economy a hundred billion us dollars. That more harm done than smoking or drinking.

(Crowley, Jordan 5) You will find other health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, serious diseases, and type-two diabetes that occur because of unhealthy food. Increasing the price of junk food, by having tax, researchers hope that this will push people to reject unhealthy foods. Taxes will also inspire a healthy life style, even in low-income family members (Franck, Caroline 2). The people that are hit the hardest happen to be low-income people. The reason, unhealthy food is cheaper than healthier food which causes low-income families to buy unhealthy foods. This makes these people have a higher risk of unhealthy weight.

Income taxes should cause them to become make better select with selecting what food to eat and improve their intake behavior. Consequently, low-income families will have long term health benefits. (Franck, Caroline 15). Sugary drinks are also a problem in America. The intake of a sweets drink can be ten percent to fifteen percent of a g..

e or perhaps slow the rise of obesity (8). There has been decline of unhealthy food and soda pop sells nevertheless there is not any proof that taxes are the cause for it (6). A sluggish economic progress and an alteration in customer’s behavior can cause a decrease in soda pop and processed foods sales. There is an increase in dairy products beverages and fruit juice revenue and a decease in soda sales but individuals are still consuming the same amount of calories (7). Even if there were a duty on soda pops and junk food consumer could consume the same amount of calories from other resources. So , taxes don’t effect a person’s way of life of wellness.

In Conclusion, In my opinion that junk food tax should not be a rules. After all the research, I believe that taxes may have no effect on the nation and just how they replace the way that they eat. People will always find a way to consume meals they want, no matter the impact it may well have about them.

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