Americans go to the movies every day in search of

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couple hours filled up with mind

forced entertainment. Can it be the electronically re-mastered sound, the out-of-this-world special

effects, or tear jerker dramas? New films are introduced every week, but you may be wondering what movies will be

the top grossing movies in history? What is it that got these kinds of movies towards the top 20 or so?

The following is a listing of the top 20 grossing movies of all time:

Motion picture Year Total Gross (Millions)

1 . Titanic ship 1997 $601

2 . Celebrity Wars 1977 $461

3. Star Wars: Episode My spouse and i 1999 $431


E. T. 1982 $400

5. Jurassic Park 93 $357

six. Forest Gump 1994 $329

7. Lion King, The 1994 $313


Star Wars: Episode MIRE 1983 $309

9. Independence Day 1996 $305

twelve. Sixth Impression, The 1999 $294

14. Star Wars: Episode Versus 1980 $290

12. Residence Alone 1990 $286

13. Jaws 1975 $260


Batman 1989 $251

15. Men In Dark-colored 1997 $250

16. Gadget Story two 1999 $246

17. Raiders of the Lost Ark 81 $242

18. Twister mil novecentos e noventa e seis $240

19. Ghostbusters 1984 $239


Beverly Hills Cop 1984 $235

As more and more films release, which kind of movies make it to the top twenty?

Judging in the top 20 or so list, regarding 60% from the top twenty can be considered Action

movies. Most of the movies in the top 20 are Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi. 40% may

be considered Horror/Thriller movies, and only a mere four movies away of 20 or so can be

regarded a Comedy. Americans might find more enjoyment coming from an Action jam-packed

Sci-Fi Thriller than a family fun Humor.

The Top 20 or so Grossing Motion picture list is done by maximum grossing stage, which

means total cash made. Each decade a lot more movies reach the top 20 or so.


the top twenty, 2 videos released in the 70s, 7 from the 1980s, and 11 from the 90s. A

key factor that caused this can be inflation. The #1 Best Grossing Video, Titanic, topped off

for $601 mil, each film ticket pertaining to Titanic was around $5-$8 per ticket. Lets say that

Gone While using Wind, #31 on the Top Grossing Movie List, was released concurrently

Titanic was, instead of 1939. The total product sales for Eliminated With the Blowing wind would top the

graphs destroying Titanic ship. Inflation offers such an influence on the list, could be the list ought to

be based upon an equal pumpiing.

Not many sequels ever make it to the top 20. One set of sequels in particular

acquired all of their sequels in the top 20 list. All of Star Battles sequels have made it to the

leading twenty, and two of the films take #2 and #3 on the list. The sole Sequels to create it

to the top 20, besides Star Wars, is Toy Story 2 . Us citizens do not seem to be

attracted to sequels as much as a unique movie.

Many factors, such as types of films, story line, and sequels, go into the Top 20

All-Time Grossing Movies list, but none effect it clearly as much as pumpiing.


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