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As Hampton (1997) highlights, “By employing this argument, Rawls hopes to persuade readers that he provides good reasons for commending his theory as correct, devoid of relying on undefended or ill-defined intuitions” (p. 140).

Nevertheless is his theory seriously “correct? inch Is it even conceivable to utilize Rawls’ rules of egalitarianism to a world in which competition is rampant and ‘status’ is the permanent engraving within the proverbial metal ring? Furthermore, in this significantly globally connected world, could Rawls’ theory of rights be conceivably functional by using an international level? Taking into consideration the idealistic nature of Rawls’ suppositions, combined with the complicated list of requirements that would need to be fulfilled in order for his vision to take condition, I would possess deny the applicability of Rawls’ sagesse to the 21st century. It is possible that his concepts may have worked in the tiny villages of Colonial New England where communities were small , close-knit and fresh. Of course , Puritans were extremely judgmental, nevertheless had they will applied Rawls’ theories to their lives, things may have been several. Yet, the concept of Political Liberalism working then is far-fetched enough. The idea of it having any potential for transforming contemporary society today can be exponentially even more unlikely.

To begin with, people are, by nature, competitive. In cultures all around the world, members of society happen to be stratified based upon a variety of elements, all of which happen to be related to selection. In today’s information-driven, globally linked world, were more aware about the spaces between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, although that does not mean that we are any nearer to closing them. What Rawls’ theory of justice does not acknowledge is that even within the “veil of ignorance” contemporary society is no way homogenous. In fact , being impaired to variations is not really a desirable target for most people, who have choose to observe their uniqueness. What is more, while it would be amazing to make decisions without any type of tendency entering into the equation, this is a virtual impossibility. Possibly ‘chance’ is biased or in other words that ‘good luck’ abounds for some which is perpetually lacking for others. Consequently , despite the rationality argument Rawls outlines to support the stability of his theory of justice, his conjectures are idealistic, they are also logically unachievable.


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