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I am certainly not what I i am. What is Iago? as distinct from what he pretends to be and what are his motives?

In Shakespeares, Othello, the reader is usually presented vintage

battle between the fraudulent forces of evil and the innocence great.

This are these forces of evil that ultimately result in the break down of

Othello, a noble venetian moor, popular by the people of Venice as

a honourable soldier and a valuable leader. Othellos breakdown benefits

inside the muder of his better half Desdemona. Desdemona is representative of

the good in mother nature. Good can be explained as forgiving, genuine

innocent and naive. The evil contained within just Othello is by no

means mysterious or mythological yet is represented by character Iago.

Iago is sneaky, untrustworthy, selfish, and plotting. He uses these

traits to his edge by gradually planning his own success while

watching the demise of others. It is this that is Iagos motivation.

The ultimate wipe out of good by wrath of evil. It is not only in

his personal nature of evil that he suceeds but also in the weak points of

the various other characters. Iago uses the weaknesses of Othello

specifically jealousy and his faithfulness to items as they seem to be, to

conquer his opposite in Desdemona. From the start of the enjoy, Iagos

scheming capacity is displayed when he convinces Roderigo to see about

Othello and Desdemondas elopement to Desdemonas father, Brabantio.

Confidentally Iago continues his plan successfully, producing fools of

others, and himself being rewarded. Except Roderigo, no one understands

of Iagos programs. This is because Iago pretends being an honest man

devoted to his superiors. The simple fact that Othello himself views Iago while

trusted and honest gives the evil within Iago a perfect

unsuspecting victim for his schemes. A chance to get to

Desdemona through Othello is usually one attraction that Iago cannot decline.

This individual creates the impression that Desdemona is having an affair with

Cassio in order to stir the jealousy within Othello. It can be this

jealousy and the ignorance of Othello t the drop of

Desdemona, normally the one truely good natured figure in the enjoy.

As the play opens our company is immediately introduced to the

hostility of Iago against Othello. Iago has been appointed the

position of servant to Othello rather than the more prestigous position

of lieutenant. Michael Cassio has been equiped this position. Iago

feels betrayed as they considers him self even more qualified than

Cassio to act as lieutenant. Iago then foreshadows his strategies for

Othello to Roderigo, Um, sir, content you. as well as I follow him to provide my

turn after him (Act I, Landscape I). Iago already knows that Othello

considers him because an honest gentleman. Roderigo is used by Iago as an

apprentence and anyone to do his dirty work. Roderigo is naively

naive. As the play shifts from Venice to Cyprus there is an

interesting contrast. Venice, a sincere and honourable town can be

outweighed by the war torn neighborhoods of Cyprus. It could be stated

that Venice symbolizes good or specfically Desdemona and that Cyprus

presents evil in Iago. Desdemona has been taken from her

peacefullness and brought on to the grounds of evil. Iago commits his

most significant acts of deceit in Cyprus, fittingly considering the

atmosphere. As luck would have it, the venetian blinds feel the Turks are all their only

enemy although in fact Iago is in hindsight the one person who damages

their stable state. Act 2 Scene 3 shows Iagos willing ability to

shape characters inside the play. Iago convinces Montagnoso to inform

Othello of Cassios some weakness for alchohol hoping this could rouse

disatisfaction simply by Othello. Iago when forced to tell the truth against

another persona does therefore very suspiciously. He pretends not to

offend Cassio when showing Othello with the fight Cassio was included

in, but Iago secretly wants the most detrimental to become of Cassios circumstance

with out seeming accountable. Cassio is relieved of his work as

lieutenant. With Cassio will no longer in the placement of lieutenant, this

gives Iago the opportunity to more effectively interact with and

manipulate Othello. Simply by controlling Othello, Iago could essentially

control Desdemona.

To reach Desdemona directly can be unforseeable for Iago

considering that Othello is better than him. It can be for

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