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e 15th century. Many of his plays are classified because tragedies. Based on the Oxford book of current English, a tragedy is described as an important disaster or a sad event. In Shakespeare plays, misfortune is referred to as a story that ends sadly due to the show up of the protagonist, which is the tragic leading man. For a play to be a misfortune, there must be a tragic hero. In the perform Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is the tragic hero. The theme of misfortune plays an excellent role inside the play Romeo and Juliet. By inspecting Romeos tragic flaw, his noble labor and birth, his group of poor decisions, the struggling of Romeo that stretches beyond him self, it is evident that Romeo and Juliet is labeled as a tragedy.

A person must have certain characteristics that classify one as being a tragic main character. One of these characteristics is the respectable birth of a character. In the enjoy Romeo and Juliet Romeo being the tragic leading man, possesses that quality. Romeo is a Montague, and in metropolis of Verona the Montagues are a well known and respected family members. It is a well-known fact that the Montagues will be of commendable birth launched said simply by Benvolio in Act one particular, Scene you, Line 141: My respectable uncle. Benvolio is discussing Lord Montague, who is the daddy of Romeo. The Montagues are also a rich relatives, and that is one of the reasons for the respect pertaining to Romeo. Verona brags of him a bears him like a partially gentleman. This was said by simply Lord Capulet in Work 1, Field 5, Lines 65-66. This kind of quote demonstrates that possibly Romeos enemies know well of him and understand that he is well known and talked about by the individuals of Verona. Usually when a character is introduced to be noble, the group is aware that in the end from the play, the character will have a tragic show up.

Another important quality held by a tragic hero is a heros tragic flaw, which in Romeos circumstance is slipping in like too quickly and deeply. To find a tragic flaw in either Romeo or Juliet is a unreasonable and ineffective. comments Harold Goddard, a critic from your book: Modern day critical opinions, William Shakespeare the Tragedies. Goddard supports the concept having a tragic flaw is actually a part of as being a tragic hero. Another vit states that if Romeos character has a tragic flaw, it can be youthful impetuosity, an older or even more deliberate man might for some reason have was able to avoid the quarrel and probably would not rush to kill him self as soon as this individual believed that Juliet was dead. ( Phillis Rackin, author of Shakespeare Tragedies. )In the play Romeo and Juliet romeos tragic fall becoming he falls in love too quickly and too deeply, brings him for an awful end. In the beginning in the play is introduced to Romeo being deeply and hopelessly in love with Rosaline. However Rosaline does not feel the same way about Romeo. This is how Romeo can be unhappy and says to Benvolio: Without having that which makes having brief. ( Action 1, Picture 1, Range 162). This kind of very well demonstrates how deeply Romeo is at love with Rosaline. Within the next scene the group realize that Romeo ha dropped for another, which is Juliet. Pertaining to I neer saw true beauty until this nighttime. -Said simply by Romeo in Act one particular, Scene your five, Line 52. The audience can easily identify Romeos flaw of falling in love too quickly and deeply when he does not remember about his feelings pertaining to Rosaline and concentrates on Juliet. Juliet also realizes that Romeos like for her was too fast when she explained: It is also rash, also undvisd, also sudden. ( Act 2, Scene a couple of, Lines 117-118). Having a tragic flaw could possibly be foreshadowing with the fall in the tragic main character.

Rome getting the performs tragic hero makes a number of poor decisions. The initially decision of several was going to the Capulets party. Direct my personal sail! Oh yea lusty guys. Says Romeo in Act 1, Scene 4, Range 113. If Romeo did not go to the party he would not need met Juliet. It was unnecessary for Romeo to try to quit the deal with between Tybalt and Mercutio. If Romeo did not make an effort to stop the fight, Mercutio would not have been killed, plus the fight among Romeo and Tybalt may not have been with us. Romeo says in Take action 3, Landscape 1, Range 94: Bravery, man, the hurt cannot be much., if he tries to stop the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Romeo makes the wrong choice when he chooses to fight Tybalt to get the loss of life of Mercutio. Either thou, or I actually, or equally, must select him. ( Act several, Scene you, Line 1290. This offer refers to Romeos challenge to get Tybalt. If perhaps Romeo would not fight Tybalt he would not need been banished from Verona. Another one of Romeos poor decisions was the decision to commit suicide, which was likewise his last decision. To true apothecary, thy prescription drugs are quick, thus which has a kiss I die. Said Romeo in Act 5, Scene a few, Line 120, right before this individual died. Only when Romeo decided not to drink the poison he’d have been seized of see Juliet wake. These decisions brought on Romeo, the tragic leading man, to end his life unfortunately.

The suffering of the tragic hero also extends beyond himself. As a result of actions of Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt died. If he tries to make peace between them and Mercutio is fatally wounded, Romeo remarks pathetically I thought to the best. – Comments Phillis Rackin author of Shakespeare Tragedies. Mercutios soul is usually but slightly way over our minds, remarks Romeo after Mercutios death, caused by Romeo. Tybalts death as well results from Romeos poor actions. After Romeos death Female Montague passes away of a myocardial infarction. Lord Montague says to the Prince in Act your five, Scene three or more, Line 209: Alas my personal leige, my wife is dead tonight. Because of Romeo, Juliet decides upon her personal death. The lady argues with her father, drinks the potion, and later stabs very little, all to get the love intended for Romeo. Veronas peace can be disturbed by all the turmoil of the combats between the Capulets and the Montagues, caused generally by Romeo. There is nonetheless no peacefulness in the streets of Verona. The groups of both Romeo and Juliet suffer over the loss of youngsters, and everyone can be unhappy. As Romeo helped bring suffering upon people instead of himself, he could be truly the tragic hero and makes the play Romeo and Juliet a misfortune.

It is obvious that inside the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is definitely the tragic main character. This is evident when the audience see Romeos noble beginning, his tragic flaw, group of poor decisions he made and the fact that through his actions he brought suffering upon other people. Many plays, stories or books have a moral. The moral of Romeo and Juliet is definitely not to hurry into things like love, hate and essential decisions. All people should think twice about every decision they are making. From all of the evidence set by this section along with the paragraphs above it is said that Romeo and Juliet is categorized as a misfortune.


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