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On September 30, 93, a miracle that was unexpected happened. I’m likely to tell you about an amazing and amazing person; me!

I’ve noted this person playing. Many persons can consider me many things. Today I’ll tell you about my own daughter, Vanessa, my family, and several of my hobbies. Now let me tell you about my daughter. My child Vanessa Rose was born on, may 13, june 2006, she weighed 7 pounds, she was 20 inches wide long, and born by 6: 15 in the morning.

She’s now a couple of ½ years of age. I got her first name Vanessa from your little mermaid from the bad girl that took Ariel’s voice faraway from her and tried to steal her knight in shining armor. I got her middle name Rose in the flower.

It’s my favorite floral and this fit with her first identity. Vanessa and i also have a very close relationship. We enjoy playing on her small computer, playing blocks, instructing her colours, teaching her the abece, and her numbers and shapes. She’s very active and loves to help clean, read catalogs, color, and dance. There’s never a day that the lady sits still.

My strategies for Vanessa are simple, I would like her to make the best out of her life, make a few mistakes in order to study from them, go to school, graduate student, get a profession, get married, possess kids, and die of the natural cause at a very old age. Now here’s slightly about my children. I experience my mom, my personal stepdad, my personal little sister, and Vanessa.

My mom, Betty, and I have got a strained relationship, even though I’m her daughter, it’s very hard for her to understand i am a mother and need to do points on my own without her support. But she’s still my mom and even though We don’t present that I love her as much as she wishes I would, I actually do appreciate her for everything she’s completed for me. My own stepdad, Jim, and I come with an odd marriage; even though he and my friend aren’t committed he’s just like another daddy to me. Even though my dad remains in the photo he’s not there for me personally as much as Rick is for me.

I enjoy him a whole lot and appreciate him if you are there for me personally. My tiny sister, Gabi, and I possess a strong relationship. I’m usually looking out for her and your woman always appears out for me personally. I trust I can tell her a magic formula and the girl won’t tell anyone else.

She also can tell me secrets and she understands I won’t tell anyone either. Your woman looks about me as a role unit and she always would like to be included. Even though your woman may bug me at times, I continue to love her to loss of life and would go to the ends of the world and back. Now I’m likely to tell you about a few of my hobbies and what I like to do.

A few things I love to do will be watch TV and movies, play on the pc, spend time with my daughter, go out with my sweetheart, listen to music, text in the phone, and sleep. I like to watch TV and movies with my loved ones and my personal boyfriend. On my computer I go on Facebook and MySpace everyday.

I tune in to all different types of music. What I pay attention to depends on the feeling that I’m in. The best TV show can be Family Man because they’re really funny and my favorite characters are Stewie and Brian. The best movie may be the Titanic because it’s genuinely sad yet romantic at the same time.

It also shows that the worst of times may be changed into the best times of your life. In conclusion, today I’ve told you about my daughter, my loved ones, and my own hobbies. I’m an amazing and wonderful person.

Many persons can consider me a lot of things and I desire that you can arrive to understand myself better simply by hearing this kind of.

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