Impact Of Satellite TV On Our Culture Essay

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1 ) Satellite TV (Cable TV) channels started their journey in Bangladesh in 1992.

Just before that, BTV was the prominent medium for about 28 years and had the monopoly electrical power. 2 . Nevertheless since the birth of the satellite tv channels within our country, it had a detrimental effect on the world. Gradually the Bangladeshi people are losing their particular Bengali rules and practices and getting utilized to the foreign life styles. AIM three or more. The aim of today’s presentation is always to orient the students about the mass eff of satellite television channels about our culture and just how we can defeat this prob.

Scope What Is Culture? 5. Every particular society possesses its own beliefs, techniques for life, fine art etc . This kind of belief, persuits and custom of a society they fol is known as tradition. Bangladesh has its own culture and traditions also. The culture of Bangladesh is amalgamated and over the centuries has assimilated influences of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.

It can be manifested in various forms, which include music, dance, and theatre, art and craft, folk traditions and folktale, languages and literature, beliefs and religion, festivals and celebrations, in a distinct food and cooking tradition. Major influences of satellite TV around the cultural area of Bangladesh 6. The affect of scientific advment is definitely changing this current world very rapidly. Improvements are taking put in place all spheres of life and in the end changing the social and cultural idea systems.

Satellite television, being one of the brainchild of this technical development, has a definite eff on the sociable and ethnic area of Bangladesh. 7. Labib(2001) suggests a great evidence displaying the influence on the ladies and girls in fds just like fashion and clo and fast food consumption. For Bangladesh, the significant ethnic shift arises due to impact of regional channels of Satellite TV, specifically Indian stations like ZeeTV, MTV, Superstar Plus, Volvo TV will be influencing the cultural ball of Bangladesh.

Through seeing these, cultural ties and values are becoming threatened, especially materials that favour divorce as a means to resolve family concerns or coding that includes obscenity, nudity, arousal of sexual instincts, or pre-marital sexual relations will be completely destroying the ethnic beliefs and values of Bangladesh. 8. Indian video world Bollywood has a curse on the lifestyle of Bangladesh. Renowned Bangladeshi auth and columnist Muhammad Zafor Iqbal said in his column Upto several years ago I really could boast hardly ever having seen a hindi film, but now I cannot.

I must travel by bus from Sylhet to Dhaka, plus they show these types of movies where you stand a attentive audience. This clearly indicates about the current photo of how Bangladeshi people are addicted to the American indian culture, and what degree these overseas elements has occupied our brains. Several Statistical Info 9. An investigation was accomplished on forty persons in Ctg depending on probability sample on 2011 to understand the influence of satellite TV on cultural alterations. 10. A lot of people think cable TV is the prime reason for the exposure to overseas culture as it is the most caution and easy means.

Other means aval happen to be internet, magazines, magazines, interpersonal awareness, basic increase in the lvl of edn. But are not considered here. The results with the svy on preference of cable TV channels by the people are showed in graphical contact form as follows: Fig: Preference of Cable Tv Channels among 40 Responders Presentation 11.

From the above bar plan, we can see that out of 40 persons, the most viewed TV route is Celebrity Plus, fol by Sony TV and then HBO. All are foreign TV SET channels without having room pertaining to our own transmissions channels. Inference 13. Svy carr on other parameters also confirmed that the modifications in our dimensions which will most people feel that satellite TV features strong influence upon will be increase in the method awareness, brand preference, following foreign persuits, fast food ingestion, interest in overseas music/movie, and for the decline in the interpersonal bondage and good personality traits.

14. There is certainly moderate effect upon increase in quality desire, gender stability, and expertise based contemporary society, and decrease inside the interest in Bangla movies/music. 15. There is much less influence on eating out, children’s participation in decision making, as well as for the reduction in religious brackets. 16.

A general pattern is observed in the effect. People of middle/lower midsection cl are affected one of the most rather than upper cl persons possly due to their more exposure to other media/latest technology and greater consciousness about changing society. Bad Impact Of Satellite 17. Some buyers were asked about the adverse impacts of satellite TV in our culture.

The respondents had been all almost on a common footing and admit that this certainly has its own negative influences like inclination of putting on indecent/short dresses especially by the ladies and the disturbance of study intended for the children. Additionally, they think there may be an increase in the social crime and sexual violence. Several think that it includes some effect on the attraction towards smoking/drugs by the the younger generation. Remedies and Measures which can be taken 19.

Business in today’s marketplace is very competitive. To operate profitably in any business, the focus should be customer oriented. Like any various other business, cable television should also give the customers with all the channels that they like most and improve the top quality of nicely picture. Individuals that provide the wire broadcast include a great resp towards today’s world.

Therefore , corrected work should be built to sensitize the producers and broadcasters to get improving the standard of whatever prog they generate. 20. At the same time local programs should be increased and should include a better content.

This channels should develop and broadcast quality applications that could help to promote Bangladeshi values and traditions and improve the image of Bangladesh in an international level. 22. 23.

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