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The majority of fundamentally, nearly everything linked to Hip-Hop culture as it pertains to guys relates to the portrayal of masculinity and a high degree of self-esteem, an optimistic self-image, and also to being a strong person in each level. This is portrayed in various specific ways, including the lyrics of tracks, the re-homing of selected physical mannerisms, manner of dress, and to inferences of social and emotional dominance of men, specifically toward females (Price, 2006).

In many respects, these kinds of images completely contradict reality. For example , Hip-Hop artists include frequently made an appearance on visible cable television applications profiling their success through guided around multi-million-dollar upper end and extensive estates including several brand new Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce, and Bentleys in their vestibule. Aside from the interpersonal irresponsibility of promoting ostentatious displays of luxury to impressionable youngsters, in many cases, the portrayals happen to be themselves largely phony (Price, 2006).

That is certainly simply because considerably more often than not, the luxurious estates and vehicles are merely leased or hired and depict a false picture of the actual useful the artists (Watkins, 2006). In other cases, the artists may individual some of the home displayed, nevertheless those acquisitions actually signify the bulk of any equity basically owned by artists mainly because outward display of riches is more importantly to all of them than actually accumulating genuine wealth by more appropriate monetary investments and planning (Watkins, 2006).

Whereas a substantial amount of effort apparently adopts portraying guy Hip-Hop music artists as powerful figures responsible for their own success and unconcerned with the thoughts of others, the essential basis of ostentatious displays of wealth associated with promoting their self as being a conqueror of female hearts is emotional insecurity instead. In that regard, some of the exact same social “rebels” who at first built all their so-called “street creds” by professing to reject mainstream American cultural and ethnical values right now own upper end on large estates in New York’s most distinctive Hampton neighborhoods where they will hold expensive annual parties featuring visible members of the extremely same popular American cultural culture that share hardly any values whatsoever with all of them, let alone together with the millions of ordinary African-American buyers who are responsible for their wealth. Some of those good Hip-Hop music artists have led more to charitable issues than other folks, but in virtually all cases, greatly less than could be considered ideal in light of their tremendous prosperity and the comparative poverty of their fans.

Finally, one of the most manifest hypocrisies inside the Hip-Hop community relates to the discrepancy between your imagery and statements regarding “masculinity” as well as the apparent frequency of homosexuality on the so-called “down low” engaged in by simply some of the most assertive representatives of “thug life” on the pavements (Alim, Ibrahim, Pennycook, 2008; Price, 2006). In rule, there is absolutely nothing necessarily wrong about sexual experimentation with this nature; it can be simply the degree to which it contradicts the photographs that the individuals involved work so hard to portray openly that is the foundation further hypocrisy throughout Hip-Hop culture.


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