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Cesarean Section, Mother, Medical Assistant, Technological Management

Research from Composition:

Arnold Palmer Case Study

The Arnold Palmer Clinic is one particular 158-bed paediatric hospital found in Orlando, Fl; part of the Arnold Palmer Medical Foundation and rated among the nation’s Top paediatric hospitals by U. S. Information and Globe Report. Is it doesn’t only medical center in all of central Florida with an emergency/trauma center devoted specifically to paediatric patients. This opened in 1989, and in 2006 became a kids hospital targeted solely upon speciality and subspecialty health care for children


Check In

Baby Delivered in route or perhaps birth essentiel

Taken directly to bed, listed there, go on to 8th pertaining to to labor and delivery, if simply no complications move to step 6.

Baby not yet given birth to

Mother will either be pregistered or perhaps goes to office on Floors


Mother taken to eighth floor (Labor and Delivery Triage); may move to LD on ground 2 or go to stage

Not all set to deliver

Either sent residence or asked to go walking grounds to encourage spasms; then latest to Triage


If perhaps no issues, 2 hours afterwards M/B xfer to floor surfaces 3, 4 or 5 to MEGABYTES unit for 40-44 hours


Functioning Room or ICU; when ever stable to MB device; baby may well go to possibly


Once ready, the two may be released or transported; baby may well stay if perhaps complications occur

(Hospital Web Site, 2011).

Flow Chart Analysis- The hospital constantly uses a movement chart device to examine and re-examine methods to improve procedures. The current method is beneath:

2 . C-Section Birth- Discover Orange Above – standard process continues to be the same, C-Section requires surgical procedure, so when mother is definitely registered, she and baby are moved into surgical area where, without having complications, coatings out normally; with problems, may go the additional surgical treatment or ICU route. According to issue, patient and mom proceed normally through chart and either discharge or additional time in ICU to get baby.

a few. If most mothers had been electronically or perhaps pre-registered prior to coming to a healthcare facility, the items in red would be redundant and unnecessary as well as the patient can skip several steps and move right to either the ground or triage:

4. Circulation chart analyzation is a useful and highly effective tool to aid find redundancies and methods to improve acceleration and procedures. Bar coding the patient by using a process may also find concerns. There are also numerous techniques that might be useful for a healthcare facility:

Time and motion studies (Frederick Taylor

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