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In stark compare to Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea is usually Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron which is not just set in the near future, but a bleak, tyrannical, almost farcical future. 2081 is not only a year in which any rational person could hope to decide if Vonnegut’s future comes true; it is a dystopian future where everyone if perhaps forced to equate, no matter how absurd the try to do so. The Bergeron’s, George, Hazel, and their son Harrison live in a world where smart people have buzzers in their mind to keep these people from being too clever, while fabulous people need to wear face masks to cover their particular faces so other, significantly less attractive persons don’t feel below par. As Vonnegut himself mentioned “Nobody was smarter than anybody more. Nobody was better searching than anyone else. ” (Vonnegut) Just about every natural benefit is handicapped by the authorities to make everyone exactly similar. And everyone appears content to live in a place where everyone is produced as silly as the stupidest person and as weak as the weakest.

While many people cannot imagine basically living in a world like that, they will relate to the characters and the situation. Everyone should know the feeling penalized stifled, of not being in order to express your self, or to be suppressed. The Bergerons are routine people being forced to do items against their will, a thing that every common person who features ever experienced helpless against a government has experienced. When Harrison attempts to be able to out of his government enforced equality, he is murdered. Despite this, there is not a single person in the world who does not, at some time, dream of being able to break free and travel away from life’s problems, the way Harrison broke free of his handicaps and he and the ballerina sailed to the threshold. Society can occasionally have a tranquilizing impact on people, leading to them to feel like they are stifled and oppressed, Vonnegut’s tale taps into this common human sense. And because he taps in common human feelings, Vonnegut’s strange research fiction account still has the ability to connect with the most common person.

A tale does not must be set in 21st century America because of it to have significance and that means for modern world Americans, there are universal topics and ideas in materials that the market can relate with no matter when or where story occurs. This is the stage that Samuel Johnson was making when he wrote about Shakespeare and is applied to equally Harrison Bergeron and the Old Man and the Marine. Despite becoming very different, the two stories handle issues common to all humans. Hemmingway features the concepts of companionship, luck, determination, loss of value, and eventual victory in to his tale about a well used Cuban angler, just as Vonnegut discusses equal rights, oppression, and society in the futuristic research fiction. While the readers can be more comfortable associating with a 20th century angler, they can likewise relate to the problems faced by victims of the dystopian future.

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