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Historical Figures, Sexism, Red Mix, Cuba

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Dear Casey

I hope every is very well with you you. It’s been quite some time since I’ve written; reduce me as I’ve been busy with college, work and life in general. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve turn into quite considering the life and triumphs of Clara Barton, a 19th century doctor, teacher and pioneer who was by my own account, a woman way prior to her period. Clara Barton is a true hero, this letter should be to give you a glance of her life and successes and just how she contributed to nursing to be sure it today. During Ms. Bartons’ era women were largely inwardly smile at of doing work in certain professions or if they were allowed to work at every – these were not allowed to climb the ladder to be promoted to other positions. There also lacked a great institution that provided aid to those troubled by disaster. It can difficult to imagine whatever we would have done without FEMA and also the Red Mix when Katrina hit and also other disasters current history. Clara Barton identified the need for these kinds of institutions U. S., and worked until it came to fruition. She actually founded the American Crimson Cross! Being the history fan you are I’m sure you can expect to appreciate my personal insights in Ms. Barton and her many successes.

After a good but aggravating start in Nj as a educator (and university founder), Clara Barton moved to Washington, around the start of the Civil Battle. Ms. Barton noticed a purpose for nurses on the battlefield to are likely to the injured warriors. Both local and military officials refused her assistance – not since it wasn’t needed, but because Ms. Barton was a female, and never ahead of was a female allowed in military camps, on the battlefield or in hospitals. Undeterred, Ms. Barton continued to champion her cause and was sooner or later allowed to aid wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Ms. Barton earned esteem far and wide for her efforts. Suffice it to say, Ms. Barton was clearly a woman before her period, no longer restricting herself to conventional jobs and deciding to power the institutions who maintain “men only” rules to rethink their very own policies. Ms. Barton was quoted while saying” “It irritates me personally to be advised how things have always been carried out. I escape the tyranny of preceding. I go for anything new that might enhance the past. inch From this statement, I am certain Ms. Barton was not going to enable sexism slow down her coming from doing what she thought right. Absolutely, when it comes to conflict as much support as one could possibly get is always the best thing, I cannot imagine just how asinine Ms. Barton need to have thought it was on her behalf voluntarily assistance be declined because your woman was a girl. But due to her tenacity, I confident she preserved hundreds of lives and at the very least provided comfort to soldiers in will need.

After researching Ms. Barton’s pioneering function and braveness on the battlefield, I had not been shocked to learn this next simple fact. Clara Barton was in charge of founding the American Red Cross. After travelling international and seeing first-hand just how much good the Red Get across was carrying out in areas torn a part by war. She observed the value of having such an business in the U. S. As the U. S. would not sign the Geneva Tradition which advocated for the establishment of the Red Get across, America was left without this

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