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Just how is the theme of insecurity created in the story ‘Of Mice and Men’ through the use of character types, language and setting? ‘Of Mice and Men’ was written in 1930’s America during the 1930s. The story begins with Lennie and George fleeing there previous work place, the closing is tragic. During the novel we learn about the friendship that Lennie and George reveal, along with the dreams and aspirations of the other personas.

The story is definitely told in third person, this provides us with a obvious unbiased perspective of all the heroes. ‘Of Rodents and Men’ was arranged during The 1930s, this can show us that most of the characters are insecure and lonely, because they are Itinerant workers, they have simply no permanent work environment and no home security after the wall street crash. The lack of employment rate was high so there was an extreme lack of task security. They have no time build relationships, without trust pertaining to other people.

Many of the characters encounter insecurity for the variety of factors. Crooks, the black steady buck seems insecure about his race, this makes him feel he can segregated in the rest when he is the just black person on the hacienda, ‘Crooks the negro steady buck’. As a result of his race he is discriminated against, no-one ever goes into his area or foretells him ‘I’m black, there is a saying I stink’. Crooks is definitely cruel to Lennie ‘You got simply no right to can be found in my room’ this shows a sense of low self-esteem and resentment, he is aiming to shut persons out, because the only way this individual knows to live.

Crooks lives in a hvalp, he is cared for like an creature, he naps in a straw bed ‘Crooks bunk was a long package filled with straw’, this displays nobody features any value for him, he is regarded worthless, this will add to his insecurity. ‘Square four-paned window’ this represents that he is isolated and he would not like enabling people in, just like a little window will not let a whole lot of light in. Black individuals were discriminated against in the 1930’s, they were remedied with small respect, they were treated like nothings ‘Why it’s just a nigger saying it’.

Criminals was lifted where the majority of the population are not coloured, ‘There wasn’t one other coloured family members for miles’ this will help to make Crooks unconfident all his life this individual has been around individuals who are second-rate to him. Steinbeck uses imagery to compare Crooks to an dog. Another figure that experience insecurity is usually Candy, dr. murphy is the cleaner, this individual has merely one hand and has been with the ranch for a long time. ‘old chocolate, the swamper came in’.

Candy can experience low self-esteem throughout the new because he is definitely old and has only 1 hand this will make him feel inferior because he doesn’t have any kind of job reliability, as if this individual loses his job he can not be able to obtain another because no one else will want a vintage disabled worker, his complete livelihood depends on someone else this individual has no control of his existence. He analyzes himself to a dog, just like he simply cannot protect him self, just like his dog that was shot. His just companion was his doggie and now he does not have the dog he doesn’t have anybody ‘when they can me personally here I wish somebod m shoot me’.

We know that Candy is inferior because he appears desperate to join George and Lennie in their dream ‘I won’t have zero place to go, an’ I can’t get at most this’ if he fails to become a member of their dream this makes him feels like this individual has no long term. Candy is comparable it Crooks, the setting is bare, it is just such as a prison, there is not any sense of security for him. Curley’s better half is the partner of Curley, the companies son. She is the only females on the ranch and extremely flirtatious with other farm workers. Staying the only women on the ranch she feels she gets power over the men, the lady flirts with them to get over her low self-esteem, she tries to cover up that she is insecure, and the girl marries Curley to escape her loneliness.

Everyone thinks that she is risky, but the girl knows a lot more than everybody thinks ‘Think I actually don’t understand where each of them went’. We all know she is inferior because she gets dream as well, she makes herself seem to be powerless to make the men think she is weaker. By not really making her dream come true the girl becomes inferior about existence and puts up a defensive buffer. She would wear a lot of makeup and red, this kind of symbolises danger and the fact that she has on a lot of makeup tells us that she actually is insecure and has low self esteem ‘her finger fingernail were red’.

She does not have a name, she is recognised available as Curley wife, this gives the impression that she gets no importance on the hacienda and she actually is not remedied like a common human being therefore this kind of adds to her insecurity and makes her think worthless ‘A girl was standing there’. Other heroes in the book that experience insecurity are Bill Tanner and Whit, that they used to work on the farm. ‘Remember, Expenses Tanner? Performed here about three months ago’ this gives the impression the fact that work there exists impermanent and transient. This can show the additional ranch staff that absolutely nothing is everlasting and this can make them feels unconfident.

They don’t have virtually any job protection, they can under no circumstances settle down this will likely make them feel insecure because that they don’t have got anything surrounding them that they can rely on, they don’t have familiar surroundings. Lennie is inferior because with no George he can vulnerable and he provides a lot of hope in him, he can’t imagine lifestyle without him ‘George won’t go away and leave me’. Lennie is definitely described using animal symbolism. Animals have got a low cleverness level exactly like Lennie, this individual cannot think for him self ‘the way a bear drags his paws’.

Pets are commonly present in packs, if they happen to be left with out their load up they become very vulnerable to other animals, George is like Lennie’s pack, this will likely give Lennie a sense of low self-esteem as he knows that he are not able to survive on his own. He is frequently asking for Georges approval, this individual relies on George over almost everything ‘Where we all goin’, George’. So many of the men on the hacienda are insecure because they only have their dreams, they may have no real world ambitions that they know will certainly truly happen.

They have zero job or house protection this can cause them to become insecure because they do not include any thought of where their life is gonna go, that they literally possess nothing. They are really so insecure because they can not have relationships or friendships with the additional ranch employees, this will make them feel like they cannot be themselves and make them feel alone and on their own. In my opinion George does feel a sense of insecurity at the conclusion of the new because he really does no have got Lennie any longer, even though at times he did not want Lennie with him at all times ‘if I was alone I could live so easy’ he even now liked him to be there and to be aware that he had someone who relied on him whether or not he would not rely on himself.

Without Lennie George seems alone the same as the other hacienda workers would, he will rapidly become because insecure and enclosed like them.

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