The Driving Force Behind Macbeth Essay

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Through the entire play Macbeth by Shakespeare, Macbeth takes part in many self-destructing acts motivated by many exterior forces, amongst which the witches’ prophecies happen to be most important. The three strange sisters primarily led him to believe he is soon as the king of Scotland.

The theory the werewolves planted in Macbeth’s head, “all are, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter! ” (I, iii, 50), began his conceded thought process. With the brand new false know-how, Macbeth’s mind begins to break down and he decides that he must whatever it takes to fulfill his destiny to become king. Actually, this remarkably respected soldier who once was the king’s most faithful knight, instantly is becoming a malicious animal willing to grab away the life span of any individual or issue impeding him from obtaining his potential greatness. 1 main contribution to this enhancements made on priorities is the knowledge obtained from the werewolves of Banquo’s sons turning out to be heir to the throne.

This is certainly viewed as a threat to his achievement, providing an incentive to carry out the murder of Banquo and Fleance, which has been the goal of the witches. When thinking of freeing of Banquo, Macbeth declares to himself, ” Which in his death were perfect” (III, i actually, 115). Thus giving him a false sense of security understanding that he not anymore has to be competitive for the throne.

To complete this kind of act every morals are put aside, seite an seite to his original decision to promote his self desires above all else. From the three apparitions presented by the witches, a single concerned with the disloyalty of Macduff finalizes Macbeth’s fortune; leading him to take radical measures against Macduff great family. When going to carry out this act, Macbeth says, ” This deed I’ll do prior to this goal cool” (IV, I, 161).

This shows that he seems urgency to commit the murder in a timely matter, before this individual has the chance to think two times. Although murdering an entire family members would seem absurd to an average person, Macbeth locates no incorrect in it, as he can simply focus on turning into king. The predictions the fact that witches have got led the naïve Macbeth to believe would be the main impacts that lead him deeper into his inevitable, dangerous future of self-destruction and refusal.

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