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In the world we are in, we increase up and get older. It’s a sad and fact that we can’t always be young permanently.

When we are growing up, were cared for by our parents, relatives, and more people. They care for us because at that point in our lives, we didn’t know how to take care of ourselves. Even as we grew older we learned tips on how to care for themselves and no longer necessarily necessary the help of all those other people. There comes a point within our aging process we begin to forget how to take care of ourselves or perhaps lose the means to get it done alone.

Usually what will happen is the family you have left will certainly either seek the services of someone to maintain you in your house or push you to a nursing facility. Jean Marcusson is a great 88 yr old woman. This wounderful woman has three kids (one which is my mother).

In-may of 2013 she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Shortly after it has become apparent that she wasn’t able to take care of herself in her own house. She was having trouble keeping in mind who everyone was, where the girl was, and sometime she would forget what she was doing. There are instances where she turned on the oven to steam water for tea, yet forgot to put water in the kettle.

Abother, when the girl attended my graduation the girl didn’t know whose college graduation it was. It’s tough on her family to help her whenever they all have their own lives to lead. Her daughters and son have spent a lot of their time come early july taking care of her, but it is growing old. After having a month of taking care of her for a month in her home, the doctors made the decision that the girl needed to be put in a rehabilitation center.

Immediately after that she was moved into the Steve Knox Rehabilitation Facility. She was mixed up, nothing appeared right to her. Her initial thought was that she is at a resort. At that point all of us began to recognize that she was suffering from dementia. She couldn’t tell the difference among her kids or grandchildren.

She couldn’t remember whether her hubby was alive or where she were living before coming to the rehabilitation facility. 2-3 weeks into her stay for John Knox, Jean arrived down with very serious pneumonia. The doctors decided to push her back to Lee’s Peak Medical Center. Rumours led doctors to believe that she captured it at the rehab centre.

Once your woman got better, they will moved her back into the facility. She seemed to be succeeding, until there was a day when ever she was completely dehydrated and wouldn’t leave her bed. At first that they couldn’t find out what was incorrect.

My mom was sitting with her that night and found a few pills on the ground. It became obvious that when the nurse brought her products to her each morning that she would throw them on the floor after the nurse left the room. The entire episode left her family members very annoyed with the top quality of treatment she was receiving. An additional incident was when she decided to go to the restroom with no alerting a nurse and fell on her way presently there. Being old and sensitive, she bruised very easily which fall left the right side of her face blackened.

The condition she was in with the rehab center left us to speculate how the girl could ever live by himself at her home again. Insurance only covered her staying in the rehab middle until the end of Aug. For her to reside her home again, we might have to work with full time nurses that would be there 24/7 to maintain her. That’s something that simply won’t travel for her, plus it’s expensive.

For a doctor to be at her house caring for her eight several hours a day, it will cost $5, 000 per month. So you can think about how much twenty-four hours a day would cost. In my opinion, the rehab middle didn’t help Jean whatsoever.

I would claim it manufactured her worse. Her panic developed after they made her leave her home and her dementia acquired much a whole lot worse from there. When we can all concur that misuse of the elderly is a despicable act. It is possible to a little bit justify the actions with the abusers. Seniors aren’t one of the most enjoyable visitors to take care of.

I am able to provide a little testimony to that as I work in fast food and I am typically given a lot of garbage from seniors customers. Seriously, there is no easy way to rationalize elderly misuse, while the actions of the abusers may seem sensible to all of them, they aren’t. You can’t justify abusing anyone, yet I understand the fact that abuser a new reason to accomplish what they did that may have appeared right to all of them. Jean Marcusson’s case is different though, the points she handled at David Knox might possibly not have been purposely. Even if these were, there is practically nothing we can do to prove it and it would be a waste of time to try.

Making certain the people that made those mistakes are punished won’t make Jean any better. This severely disturbs me that the person may be okay with hurting a person, specifically an seniors one.

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