School Captain Speech Final Essay

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Firstly I’d love to say a really big Good-luck to my own fellow nominees up here- You’re likely to need it… For those of you who have don’t know me, I am Andy Jordan… And the ones that do, very well I guess you’re the blessed ones. Today I stand before you because I am operating for college captain 2k15. I would like to introduce personally by suggesting all a little bit about me personally. I recently delivered from Canada where I lived with strangers for 3 months and ate nothing but maple syrup, I i am approachable, dependable, caring and open to fresh ideas, I’m in love with exploring and, surprisingly, although I actually am ginger, yes, I actually do in fact include a spirit.

To me, the position of a college captain is not only about a marker or having the power to present assemblies or perhaps be the pretty face of any beautiful university, but instead, it’s an opportunity to display the pride in the school specifically of your instructors and many other students. This job needs time, work, enthusiasm and most of all the ability to lead. In my opinion I own all these attributes and if not really I i am more than willing to understand them along the way. I assurance to commit myself to serving the college and especially you, my guy students. So please vote for me personally and show your trust in myself and I promise I won’t let you down.

Many thanks and remember vote #1 Andy.

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