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The notion of getting old has for many been visions of hopelessness, neglect and despair. Of course, if you increase these the perceptions of inadequacy, lack of energy, social withdrawal, difficulty concentrating, and issues with memory, the realization that people are getting old can be traumatic. At no level in life could it be ever hanging around, every stage has the bumps and bruises. The ideas and attitudes to aging are very important in how very well we handle and enjoy the passing years. As I anticipate the after stage of my life I am right now more mindful of the physical, social and psychological challenges of the aging process.

Despite the fact that I might not be able to smell the tulips, have fewer taste, include fingers that can’t generate a closed fist because arthritis is preventing it, possess eyes that don’t see clearly, spectacles can help, hearing that may hear excessive, hearing aid will not help, I see the last phase of warring as the most emotionally momentous stage of your life. As an accomplished community cultural worker I would have create a craze among a large number of to be involved in family and community activities. “There goes social isolation!  My life will be an example of like, faith, and perseverance. My personal condolences towards the family of depression.  You may ask, where’s the getaways on the pristine beaches having a pina colada in hand? Where’s the frolicking in the clear blue drinking water? Well, that might be a regular incident in my whole life, for my own many outreach missions can allot me personally the chance to see many worlds and appreciate the beauty of nature and life. Having old doesn’t always have to imply you give up on living. On the later stage of your life you may have grown in to an experience, one which will be a teacher to many.

Much like we cover so many things within our younger years, we should today deliberately cover the old age. Cherish your quality of life. If it’s good preserve this. If it’s unpredictable improve that. If it’s beyond what you may improve, obtain help! Make physical activity a habit. Appreciate hard, tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity. Our family, good friends, neighbors, and church friends and family help to enhance our lives amazingly by writing their love as well. Retain only cheerful friends, the grouches will pull you straight down.

Keep learning, never let your brain nonproductive. An nonproductive mind is definitely the devil’s workshop. And the devil’s name is usually Alzheimer’s. Practice relaxation by simply laughing hard, long and loud. Aging can be difficult at times, we all go through this. Always remember that though the physical appearance improvements, our heart does not. All this comes down to our outlook on life. Were never too old to appreciate a new target, to wish, or attain great points. As my pal Abraham Lincoln subsequently would claim, “In the conclusion, it’s certainly not the years within your life that count. It is the life in the years. 

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