Understanding leadership variations essay

1 . 1 Describe the factors which will influence the choice of leadership variations or behaviours in place of work situations


I act as a director for Enhancements which is a day-care facility for those with learning disabilities; the vast majority of individuals who go to the useful resource centre I actually manage can be extremely challenging and still have very sophisticated needs and behaviours at times. It is my personal job to create intervention plans and operate closely properly co-ordinators, different agencies such as safeguarding, Extreme homes support services, plus the behaviour team to put strategies in place to guard service users and staff.

It is my personal job to distinguish strengths and weaknesses in team members and ensure they acquire relevant training to help them develop in their part or to offer praise and make on abilities helping those to gain acknowledgement on their achievements and support them to gain promotions should certainly this always be their target.

As a administrator I feel I have to be an illustration to others”either positive or negative.

It is necessary for me to adopt characteristics from a variety of leadership variations based on the specific situation at hand. No matter the leadership activity needed, it is vital to act with integrity, to set realistic goals, to talk clearly and frequently, to inspire others, to recognize the successes of other team members, and to inspire those to provide the most of care. With any luck , my activities will be shown by my own staff inside the care they offer to our assistance users daily regardless of which style We practice.

Managing by jogging about (MBWA)

I use this kind of leadership quite often in the workplace as this gives me the opportunity of observing associates interacting with each of our service users and evaluate the quality of care staying delivered. In addition, it lets staff know that My spouse and i am interested in them and their work and lets these people know that I actually am approachable. I inquire about the work they can be doing in a way that sounds interested not invasive and try to find out what motivates them and whether staff and residents happen to be satisfied. When I see a success I applaud it and thank these people on the spot pertaining to doing well.

Autocratic leadership

This style of leadership is essential at times in the organisation We work for due to supporting susceptible individuals and situations can arise which in turn require quickly responses i actually. e. crisis situations where a service consumer has had a major accident or can be putting other folks at risk by making use of challenging or perhaps aggressive behavior, it could be that personnel have tried out every other source they have and may then contact the office intended for advice, I might then associated with ultimate immediate decision of what needs to be done.

This form of leadership is merely used when necessary as it does not encourage trust, conversation, or teamwork which is paramount in our assistance and it can give up people and stifle versatility and innovativeness.

Democratic command

I choose to use this style of management on a daily basis because the opinions of the staff are always considered when obtaining effective solutions and protocols to successfully deal with the individuals all of us support. They are the most critical influence in these individuals because they work strongly with all of them each day and know all their behaviours, needs and wants and what could potentially induce an undesirable circumstance to occur. Group member’s reviews daily to management and share any worries and spread all relevant information and ideas to permit others staff and supervision to deal with similar situations down the road and allow for interventions and protocols being drawn up and set in place for a lot of team member’s to follow and also have a consistent procedure. Staff likewise share ideas, concerns and issues during their monthly supervisions and personnel meetings. All decision making is definitely shared with personnel and all review and opinions of each person in the team are taken into account which usually encourages group participation and allows every team member to feel more important than the actual problems they can be encountering inside their day to day position.

Laissez-Faire Command Style

This style would not work in my own organisation as staff require the constant supply and advice from administration to experience secure and also to support the moment problems come up, we assist challenging persons on a daily basis andstaff are not often confident the moment confronted with maltreatment both mental and physical and want immediate affluence that only supervision are able to put into practice. we are sure by rigid codes of practice and guidelines to follow along with in these situations both by care criteria act plus the CQC (care quality commission) also our personal organisational guidelines and techniques which are regularly updated, there is annual teaching and courses and the need for constant responses and communication on a daily basis to supply support to the staff plus the best possible proper care and final results for the individuals all of us support, I actually liaise with crisis teams and treatment co-ordinators with all the information and reports which i receive from staff to find suitable final results for any issues or problems they have with all the people they support creating this style of management inappropriate for our business.

1 . two Explain so why these leadership styles or behaviours will probably have an optimistic or bad effect on person and group behaviour.

Autocratic leadership

Factors that would effect me making use of this style of command (positive effect) I would utilize this style within an emergency condition. When my own staff arrived to pick up an especially complex service user the lady was extremely agitated and throwing cups of and other items at staff in her home, the lady then turned her awareness of my personnel verbally abusing them and threatening harm to them. Even as were responsible for supporting her at this time one particular member of staff necessary to stay with the service user’s home to support her as it was not deemed safe to keep with her on community based actions while your woman was exhibiting such aggression. The staff affiliate I was speaking to said your woman was worried about staying with the service customer as she informed me that she experienced now bitten her home staff and another assistance user who have lived presently there and that the police had been called for assistance, I told employees member that she was to follow her training and keep herself away of threat at all times, We told her to support the house staff as far as the lady could without putting their self in the brand of fire and that the other associates of personnel needed to take the other service user within the bus to the unit and drop her off, they will could after that return and support.

I actually told her she needed to record everything and report to myself frequently in order that I was held up to date with the situation and make anydecisions as considered necessary to the ongoing situation. Required to be autocratic as decisions needed to made as a matter of urgency and there was virtually no time for discussion with the staff involved. I might use this style when owning a new or perhaps untrained affiliate or associates of personnel who does certainly not know what responsibilities to perform or what procedures to follow. Because of staff getaways or sickness, my device often uses groups of staff from other devices who don’t have experience and knowledge of the complex support users we support for Brantwood.

This could be extremely hard for me as being a unit manager as I require that they be experienced as I may always have enough of my very own staff to mentor these people on these kinds of occasions due to holiday and sickness. it is vital that support strategies are browse and fixed and that these kinds of staff know about all tactics and affluence that we use for overcome behaviors that could happen whilst promoting service users. This is necessary as this will likely prevent situations escalating. Once staff get to the unit I brief all of them on the targets of the unit and make sure that they will be aware of the routine and techniques we comply with on a daily basis, staff can quite often be seated reading data but communicating amongst themselves therefore certainly not digesting the data in the data files.

I have simply no hesitation during these circumstances training staff to move to a peaceful area and sit in different rooms where they are able to go through without thoughts and will stress the importance of getting enough expertise to support the service users to the normal required. They members skills in this scenario are low and they are beginners with the service users they are going to support as a result need very clear direction which will help them to learn and apply their abilities in the correct way.

If the member of staff challenged my location as a administrator

I had a member of staff who was part of a crew of 3 who were supporting a service consumer who needed 1-1 support and one more who needed 2-1 support when in the community. I asked my deputy to request that they return to the system and drop one employee off therefore they can take another employee back to an additional unit, my deputy informed me that the employee told her that she has not been willing to try this as both equally service users needed an escort, We called employees member involved and asked her the particular problem was and so why she was refusing to follow along with instructions in the deputy supervisor who washer senior, the girl told me that in her opinion the instruction the lady received was wrong and believed that both service users necessary an companion each and once they dropped the staff person in at one more unit there would only be two staff left on the bus.

My spouse and i pointed out that they both required an companion however they could still have a great escort within the bus, I told the staff member that she was refusing to fulfil certain requirements of her job role by supporting requests coming from her supervisor and that as a company put into effect this very seriously and that this would result in an investigation. I actually also asked the employee to return to the device as asked and that an additional member of staff could take her place, I actually advised her that she should read the service users files in the meantime and ensure that she is aware of the articles and the circumstance in what is written, My spouse and i pointed out that the service users need the total support of three personnel when in the community not when ever travelling for the bus.

I might not employ this leadership style with a member of staff (negative effect) Who turns into tense, anxious, or resentful, a member of staff hadn’t checked the contents of any service users medication container when they authorized it out off their home irrespective of being caused by her colleague on the bus with her who also later reported this. If the box attained the unit and another member of staff signed it out they checked out the box and realised which the wrong medication was in this, the medication was lifestyle saving and could of got serious outcomes for the service customer had it been necessary in an urgent. When the staff member was asked if your woman had checked out the box for the morning, the lady said she had when she plainly hadn’t. The staff member was visibly annoyed as she had not followed the correct procedures and then got subsequently humiliated to her friend and to supervision.

This had to be addressed nevertheless I knew that she was sensitive and perhaps fearful of what action would be considered against her. However I had fashioned to address what had happened. I would normally call personnel into the office in this type of situation but when I had formed gone to your kitchen I found the staff member producing a bag and chose to ask her informally how this acquired happened, she broke down in tears and said the lady knew it had been wrong and it was a person’s life she had put in danger. I told her not to get upset and that I was sure she acquired learnt an extremely valuable lessons from this even so I anxious the significance of thesituation but presented her support. I sensed that this lessened her anxiety by dealing with the situation in an informal way and that got she been brought into school it would of had a demoralising effect and be detrimental on her self confidence cause resentment and mistrust toward her job colleague who reported the issue.

Democratic management

Factors that will influence me using this design of leadership We would use this kind of leadership with highly skilled or perhaps experienced staff or once implementing fresh strategies and protocols and resolving person or group problems. Every day I talk to staff about ongoing difficulties with service users as personnel rotate each and every day working with distinct service users. Staff with worked with them previously share experiences, success and failures when coping with recent behaviors they have came across with our services user’s passing on useful strategies and techniques to their colleagues.

In the event that incidents take place staff finish incident studies which are after that passed to our quality assurance manager who conducts reflection work which enables staff to provide suggestions of how things could have gone better, reflect on their very own practice and promote ideas showing how to prevent these incidents down the road. I as well promote opinions with a door coverage, through staff supervisions and staff gatherings where most staff must share all their experiences and just how they have effectively dealt with circumstances. I then build strategies and interventions in the feedback from the staff basically with support users every day and include this information into the care strategies.

Other factors include: –

Keeping staff educated about things that influence them.

Permitting staff to share in making decisions and solving problems. Providing possibilities for staff to develop an increased sense of personal growth and job pleasure. Dealing with a significant or complex problem that will require a lot of input to solve Sharing improvements or issues that affect staff.

To motivate team building and participation.

I would be influenced never to use this method when: –

There isn’t enough time to get every person’s input

Mistakes are not an option.

Staff and service customer safety can be described as critical concern.

Because detailed inside my autocratic management style previously mentioned.

Laissez-Faire Command Style

I prefer this style with my personal senior staff who are incredibly experienced in their role and know each of our service users very well as they are working the front line with them. We allow them to use their project and make decisions if they are working with all of them but at the same time offer direction and support when wanted. This allows the elderly people in the unit to take a pride within their work as well as the drive to obtain successfully automatically and reach their objective. For example a fresh senior felt that the mouthpiece manager has not been relinquishing several duties since outlined inside the senior work description we. e. allocating staff to service users each day, making sure they had email lists and money and finally are put and on coming back activities, this kind of made the brand new senior believe that she had not been trusted to do the job the lady had been promoted to do but not directly capable to participate in making decisions and show her really worth, leaving her feeling demoralised and unworthy of the task she was promoted to complete.

I chatted to the deputy and described how this will ease her own work load and build the confidence of the senior. I actually do use this design with my deputy director at times for example when it comes to everyday decisions about the assistance users all of us manage because one of the rule parts of her job as is managing employees in activities and guaranteeing they are attempting to required requirements, however when considering speaking to staff about awful practice the girl finds this kind of very difficult and despite demands from personally to are up against certain personnel about awful practice or misconduct she’s reluctant to do this and feels unsecure without my management, I therefore have to deal with this sort of issues me personally and at moments take a great autocratic procedure with my own deputy.


Assess own leadership behaviors and potential in the framework of a particular leadership unit and individual organisation’s working practices and culture, using feedback coming from others

The specific leadership model I have chosen to highlight in 2 . 1 is the autocratic style although this is the a single style I might choose to use less if possible it’s the one that triggers the most contention, I have shown briefly in other models I prefer to use this is the one which is necessary sometimes. In my enterprise I act as unit supervisor in a day care setting for adult surfers with learning disabilities. Every day I have to make use of my management skills to be able to manage the task and people to be able to fulfil the company’s objectives and vision. I believe my leadership style for the most time is a democratic design, however at times my command style may have to adapt on its own to the presented situation. For example if a fresh employee provides joined my team I would personally probably use a more supporting leadership design to help them master and conform.

The company owners set the business culture within our unit. Each uses a very democratic and supportive leadership design which reflects how we job however sometimes a more autocratic leadership style is required. For example the company company directors frequently keep an eye on and settings individual and team shows, I have to do the same inside my staff. For example (A member of staff was sat with a group of elderly service users they were sitting round a table and the staff member was sat with them, in spite of there being a planner in position for activities the staff member had not looked at this and was sat with the mobile phone text messaging. I chatted to the employee in my business office and accomplished a supervision so that the conversation would be recorded and up to date them these were not undertaking there discussed duties as an actions facilitator rather than meeting conditions of their job role. I informed these people this was not satisfactory and that in addition to not interacting with and motivating the services users these were breaking firm policies through the use of their personal mobile phone with out prior agreement from supervision I up to date the staff affiliate I had no choice but to take it to an analysis meeting that could lead to disciplinary action).

I always ensure that all staff is aware of my targets up front and so they are below no misconceptions of what actions will probably be taken in the event the service we offer is affected and personnel are not doing to the essential standard. I am steady and good and apply my anticipations to all staff, however My spouse and i make it clear which i want personnel to believe that they are believed and can take their opinions to me and that they are noticed no matter what the final result. Ibelieve that as a administrator it is important to be a master of not only one but most leadership designs and to understand when to make use of them appropriately. Furthermore I use this leadership design within my team. Creating and posting a perspective with the staff, setting wise objectives, allocating tasks, allocating roles and responsibilities, monitoring performance, remark of individual & staff performances, giving constructive reviews and ideas for the development of skills where required, in supervisions and staff meetings.

The feedback coming from my group during their supervisions and staff meetings provides suggested my leadership design is mostly democratic however there have been certain portions of autocratic and supportive designs present. My own team reported the following leadership skills including resolving issue, facilitating dialogue, motivating, motivating, being approachable and hearing, empowering and facilitating development. However they also have suggested that at times my leadership style is autocratic as I may be assertive, direct and quite blunt after they have not satisfied the company’s or perhaps my anticipations and guidelines and have not complied with company guidelines and types of procedures. I as well assess my leadership through monthly supervisions and annual appraisals with my representative VA whom I was directly accountable to, I actually take on board her feedback, among the this is when Required advice showing how to address several concerns that may occur to a staff member not being able to carry out the task expected of her.

I came across this uncomfortable due to the fact that she was once my personal senior (deputy manager, while i started together with the company, and I have seeing that worked to find a managing position more than her)Victoria and i also discussed the choices available to enhance the staff member’s practice, and she provided to speak to the member of staff on my behalf, however Victoria felt that I experienced the relevant command skills to resolve this personally she explained she would with this problem to understand my personal professional really worth and be aggressive in this circumstance. She felt that I was feeling a lack of empowerment and needed to most I could to address the balance which this could simply enhance my leadership expertise. I resolved the issues together with the staff member and told her it was constructive criticism I was supplying and gives support to her whenever she felt the lady needed this.

AC installment payments on your 2

Describe appropriate actions to improve own leadership behaviour inside the context with the particular management model

Ideal actions to boost my own command behaviour in the context with the particular command model I chose in installment payments on your 1 . Taking into consideration the chosen command style is definitely autocratic there are several ways that we could improve my leadership behaviour. A method would be to practice self-knowledge and self-awareness, these are both attributes required by any manager. In order to develop these characteristics I must do something about constructive responses I acquire from inside or external environment. The feedback My spouse and i attained coming from a number of sources including team members, other colleagues and collection managers. I have to be observant and take into account my own actions and the impact it includes on others. I need to consider my own strengths and weaknesses and find out when to request assistance so when I i am good by myself.

One of my personal strengths is usually I are serious about my personal work and my passions and keep my boundaries firm to maintain the integrity of my goals and the job I put into them, my weakness can be I expect the same coming from others and is disillusioned when ever this is not the truth. I need to be willing to acknowledge my failures and disadvantages and understand that the key to success can be not staying away from failure although learning from my own mistakes and allowing other folks to do similar. I need to assume that making a mistake does not mean it is a mistake it provides people the opportunity to improve and grow. I need to enhance my own communication expertise and be able to obviously and specifically communicate my vision, desired goals, skills, intentions and anticipations to others and strive to improve my verbal, non-verbal and listening skills with no interrupting other folks as it can be as well easy to jump in with an objection too rapidly.

It might be wise for me to discover a role unit I can study from. It would need to be someone We respect extremely and whose leadership My spouse and i admire. In case the role model agrees to mentor me personally, my leadership skills may greatly advantage. I have a wonderful respect to get my representative VA and aspire to lead how the girl leads, she actually is just, good and encouraging and deals with subordinates in a manner that others get hard to challenge. She actually is very disciplined at work and I need to learn to make use of this to my role and every area of my life, We feelthis is actually a character feature that will provide me together with the enduring emphasis necessary for strong leadership.


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