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“Just too many tips. I wanted all of these characters, they each meant anything to me, yet I wanted those to weave collectively in some way; I desired it to feel single in the investigation” (Russell qtd. in Johnson 4). These are the words of David To. Russell, writer-director of the motion picture I Heart Huckabees, when asked by Film Review editor Gavin Smith regarding the most tough dilemma in the film.

Using this reply, having been very much mindful of the limitations of his video, and is genuine about it. The movie is certainly not your typical movie-date service. Yes, this can be a comedy. Yes, it does provide an all-star players.

However , this comedy is an existential one, a film that tries to discuss the profound queries of lifestyle with laughter. The movie’s protagonist can be Albert (Jason Schwartzman), whom seeks the aid of “existential investigators” Vivian and Bernard Jaffe (portrayed simply by Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman) when he is annoyed by recurring, coincidental activities with a Sudanese orphan. The couple starts to work on Albert; Vivian delves into his everyday actions, while Bernard tries to help him understand the interconnectivity of things. Then simply there is Tommy (Mark Wahlberg), the “other” to Schwartzman’s Albert.

At the same time, the Jaffes find a dilemma in Caterine Vaubert (Isabelle Huppert), who uses her charms to brainwash Albert and Tommy with her nihilistic values. The movie should be praised for having a deep and serious theme successfully conveyed in this humorous mild. Nonetheless, this is the very cause that prevents the movie to exert much influence upon its viewers. It is too preoccupied with being existentialist that the heroes seemed to be two-dimensional for its audience.

The film is too caught up with its philosophical leanings which the characters alienates them moviegoers, even if Russell did bring inspiration by people in real life. When asked about Mike, one of the characters, Russell replied, “…your very good intentions happen to be staying in right now there, but you’re really limiting away 50 % of them” (Russell qtd. in Smith 5). Too bad that also applies to the entire film. Works Mentioned Smith, Gavin. “Hearts and Minds. ” Film Review Sept. -Oct.

2004: 1-5.

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