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My own preferred contact lens is Rights-Responsibility; I harmony my reasoning skills rationality and my intuition sensibility to determine how to fulfill my personal duties whilst achieving the finest good for every individual autonomy.

My own strengths I would personally have to say my own gift, self-knowledge and free will, The gift towards the community is usually balancing responsibility with entrepreneurship. Because I actually strongly benefit autonomy, I am likewise fiercely self-reliant and liable and expect precisely the same of others. My own temper performing my responsibility in observing what is required for me while others to be happy, and prevent both rigidly following any kind of conflict of interests.

My blind spots inside the ethical zoom lens inventory will be the belief that motive justifies method or perhaps in other words my personal good great enough. My personal strengths are most often temperance and prudence, My spouse and i value in v person balance and restraint inside the desire for pleasure as I strive to satisfy my own duties. I actually also illustrate wisdom in practical matters and experience as I take action with enlightened self-interest within a particular condition.

I also bring positive outlook, imagination plus the gift of entrepreneurship in the relationship. My weak point in the ethical lens Products on hand are staying autocratic or perhaps reducing decisions to cost analysis, being said I am inclined to cut 4 corners if I turn into attached to archiving my desired goals. Other weak spot I discover in this activity is my own temptation: reasons and expedience, which means certainly not paying attention I will be convinced to justification myself via following the guidelines. Know to my ideals and my own resultant patterns. My ideals would be my personal key phrase, based on the ethical lens, Is I make dependable choices which have been good for everybody.

Because I tend to look out for everyone, at times I standard and don’t look out for me personally. My resulting behaviors will be as follows my own temptation again as well my own vice: turning into judgmental and greedy. I cannot believe just how accurate these types of results where about me, sometimes I rushed through these checks and contact lens. I discovered areas I would like ti approve in and a few things merely blew my thoughts how correct it was.

Some of my outcomes made me think of my own problem areas We sat presently there and thought, I possess a lot to improve. But my own strengths overcame me, thank goodness.

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