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Personal Perseverance in the Works of Maya Angelou


Internationally respected amazing poet, vem som st?r, and author Maya Angelou says in all of the my work I make an effort to tell the human truth-what it really is like to end up being human. why is us stumble and fumbleand fall and somehow incredibly rise and go on through the darkness and into the mild (Ebony 96). This topic is constantly exemplified during Angelous considerably acclaimed autobiographical worksand poems such as I understand Why The Caged Bird Sings, Collect Together within my Name, Even now I Go up and Extraordinary Women. Most of these books reflect the true-life stories of Ms. Cyber Angelous tragedies, and right now there dreadful conditions she acquired encountered in her children.

In all of Angelous novels and poems, she escapes evening to go in the light, going out of all the hurt and waste to be successful in a fresh life this lady has created.


Cyber Angelous autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Performs was the first autobiographical operate she released and -her first best-seller. This autobiography left visitors and authorities in wonder at her story and were amazed at her writing techniques. I realize that not since the times of my childhood, when folks in catalogs were more real than the people one particular saw each day I found personally so moved-(Baldwin, Critics). In Angelous autobiography she recounts a junior filled with disappointment, frustration, and, finally hard-won sovereignty. Directed at a age of five to live with her grandma in Arkansas, Angelou learned much from this exceptional woman and the tightly knit community there.

The very importance of these lessons carried her through the hardship and challenges she experienced later in her life, including a tragic rape although visiting her mother in St . Paillette.. works give powerful insights into the evolution of black women in the 20th hundred years.

Internet Angelou is living proof that through hard work and personal determination anything is possible.


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