Comparison between colgate and close up

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Colgate Glowing White Cinnamint toothpaste is among the newer cinnamon-flavored toothpastes out there. Colgate understands it must contend with the long-reigning cinnamon toothpaste, Close-Up. How can Colgate Cinnamint compare to Close-Up? I put it for the test and will provide you with the outcomes right here. To begin with, I’m fond of cinnamon (real or artificial) and so We have always been attached to cinnamon flavored toothpaste. I really like mint tooth paste too, yet I often buy cinnamon-flavored toothpaste such as Close-Up.

Until two weeks back, Close-Up toothpaste has been the only cinnamon tooth paste I had ever tried. Colgate Sparkling White Cinnamint was a pleasant big surprise. Here is how the toothpastes assess.


Close-Up tooth paste has a slightly different, more candy-like taste. It has a good, good cinnamon taste, but Colgate Cinnamint has more of a bite. By that we mean Colgate burns a lot more (in an excellent way) and is also less lovely (these two differences could possibly be my creativity, but We don’t consider so).

Colgate has more of a enjoyable, refreshing mouth-feel than Close-up. If you like toothpaste that makes the mouth area tingle, you will probably like Colgate’s Cinnamint over Close-Up toothpaste. Their packaging proclaims that Colgate’s Cinnamint has “Exciting Flavor!  As much as flavors can be “exciting it does have this quality. Whitening power

Colgate Sparkling White colored Cinnamint benefits this completely. I am impressed together with the whitening power of this tooth paste. To be fair, I will add that Close-up includes a new formula out called “Whitening Cinnamon Sparkle Gel,  which has “micro-crystals.  These are probably similar to the silica crystals in several whitening toothpastes (like Colgate) which help remove surface staining. Still, regular Close-up, the Freshening Cinnamon Red Carbamide peroxide gel does claims to be a process toothpaste. Consequently, it loses to Colgate Sparkling White Cinnamint. Overall satisfaction

I love the flavor of both, nevertheless I like Cinnamint better. I also seen my pearly whites looked whiter and lighter after just a couple of uses. In keeping the breath of air fresh, the toothpastes level equally. Simply brushing the teeth regularly helps keep breath fresh, however , and this is certainly not saying very much. One other factor I have seen is Colgate is not as “sticky as Close-Up. I’m not sure what ingredient it really is in Close-Up that makes it extra gummy, but one bad side-effect of the is it creates an unpleasant gumminess around the cover. Unless Close-Up is on sale for a superb price, I would buy Colgate Sparkling Light Cinnamint more than Close-up. My mouth sensed fresher and my smile was whiter after using Colgate Cinnamint. Colgate Sparkling Light Cinnamint benefits this circular over Close-Up.

Global Best Companies pertaining to Leaders ” Fortune Journal

CLOSE-UP, a toothpaste brand from has become conferred together with the Product Excellence Award (PEA) in the first edition from the Nigeria Customer Awards (NiCA). The Nigeria Consumer Honours (NiCA) was instituted by the Consumer Safety Council (CPC) to bestow awards and honours upon those who lead to enhanced client welfare, therefore improving the regime of consumer protection in Nigeria. Close Up was announced as the winner among 3 nominated brands in the Personal Care Products category at the honor ceremony placed recently in Abuja.

According to the organizer, details in the numerous categories of the awards were chosen simply by votes of consumers using the tools of review and sms. “In guaranteeing the integrity and transparency of the process, the result of voting was tested and authenticated by an award confirmation panel composed of highly respected members, sucked from a cross-section of organisations, namely, the Media, Organized Private Sector, National Connection of Nigerian Students (NANS), Standards Business of Nigeria (SON) among others.

Speaking on the award wedding ceremony, Minister for Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga, commended the COST-PER-CLICK for arranging the accolades and explained that the corporation must always incentive products and services that excel in their areas of procedure. Also, First Lady with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dame Persistence Jonathan, who have spoke by using a representative declared consumers on their part must avail themselves of the possibility to see their very own participation in the awards because an obligation that will, on a yearly basis, point out to businesses that consumers are observing. She also known as on almost all Nigerians, specifically Industry leaders and entire users of the business community, to fully make use of the platform to raised the large amount of the average Nigerian consumer.


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