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Ibong Adarna, using its mysterious and unknown writer but exceptional plot, is definitely credited as one of Philippines’ best work of literature at any time written in the area. It is among the must-see or perhaps must-read literary pieces just like Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which will students must experience in order to appreciate Philippine creativity and to communicate good values.

Ibong Adarna offers greatly affected many of the visitors due to its fairy-tale-like and exciting storyline. It was originally presented in a form of beautifully constructed wording, with Filipino as its medium of terminology.

At present, the utilization of poetry and profound Philippine words is definitely not as powerful as prior to in offerring the story of Ibong Adarna to the people especially the youth of today due to technical advances like the internet and various entertainment media on which many are attracted to commit much time. Alterations must be made in order to communicate the beautiful history of Ibong Adarna to provide and foreseeable future generation.

It seems that the young people these days seek to better understand a story in a more entertaining way. One may say that it might be quite lifeless and even basic, lulling someone to sleep to read Ibong Adarna in its first form.

This is the reason that over time it has received numerous adaptations such as videos, theater production, and novels in order to relay the same old history to young audiences. In fact , high school students observe it in musical or comedy enjoy version as being a school need in Aguinaldo Theatre or maybe the Cultural Middle of the Korea. One most current adaptation is definitely Dulaang UP’s Adarna simply by director Jose Estrella, a modernized edition of the Ibong Adarna provided in UP Theatre. Dulaang UP’s edition of Ibong Adarna was a successful modern alteration in the original history. The version was made by means of a play, reconstructing the story in such a way that this lessened major on the heartaches and affections experienced by characters, which are the central themes from the original job, which produced the original 1 rather critical and emotional.

Dulaang UP recreated Ibong Adarna in a lighter, more entertaining approach by presenting comedy and surprising creativeness, making it more fitting for today’s era of audiences. One of the interesting difference with this production, as opposed to in any different productions, was that the stars and fashionistas have multiple characters to play as actually each persona was played out by two or more actors or actresses. As an example, Don Juan, Wear Pedro, and Don Diego were described by three persons every single throughout the enjoy. Also, from the manufacturing, the Ibong Adarna was portrayed simply by seven performers, most likely symbols of the seven colors from the feathers of the bird. A few of these actresses who have portrayed the Ibong Adarna character as well portrayed Karen Clara’s persona.

There may be a lot of reasons behind the multiple persona factor from the play. One could be that it signified distinct attitudes of the character. Joker, for example , was good-looking and a great fighter. The interchanging of the actors showed different characteristics of Don Juan’s character. In Maria Clara’s situation, it might signify that she was also the Ibong Adarna by being pictured by a number of the actresses who portrayed the character of the Ibong Adarna. Normally, such attempt in representing characters simply by multiple stars would result to a lot of confusion but also in this edition, it was obviously, excellently and cleverly performed, adding depth to the person of the heroes, without leading to the audience any confusion. Furthermore, one more element that revealed entertainment to the viewers was your comedic element of the play.

This component was displayed through the behaving of the artists in the enjoy and the phrases they enunciated. The characters’ identities had been somehow altered in the production. Wear Diego’s personality was made being unmanly or rather effeminate, as opposed to in the original version of Ibong Adarna. In the landscape where the 3 princes saw Donya Leonora and Donya Juana, Put on Diego concentrated more for the two sisters’ outrageous dresses instead of issues presence that explicitly displays the personalities that were reflected by what that they wore. An added entertaining and modernizing factor also was the use of today in pattern, pick-up lines, which are the catchy creative paragraphs used to get the attention or benefit of the person one is attracted to or being courted. Displays like how Don Juan employed the same gathering line in winning every single woman’s cardiovascular in the story also added intense entertainment factor in the play. This also confirmed Don Juan’s character penalized a womanizer in the tale.

Another aspect that revealed entertainment towards the viewers was your kilig views in the play which were lumination but serious and very pressing. The love scene involving the characters did not show any difference from any of the various other plays or perhaps movies. There have been touchy views involving Joker, Donya Leonora, Donya Juana, and Nancy Clara. 1 marked difference however was that Don Juan’s character got kissed nearly all woman in the play as a result of multiple personas in every character mentioned previously before. It might be said that this was one negative of the perform, which provided a somewhat uncomfortable a sense of distaste pertaining to the seeming unhygienic practice. Despite of this kind of however , the play was successful in giving out the sensation of kilig to the viewers. Overall, the props of Dulaang UP’s Adarna become a huge hit to the market even though a minimal budget was allotted for the play. The limited budget motivated the production being creative and economical without sacrificing the quality of the show.

One creative element that happy many of the audiences was the make use of shadows inside the play. It greatly written for the functionality and demonstrated how a enjoy can be enhanced even on a tight budget. One instance was the scene where Joker fought while using higante that has been excellently described even displaying how big the huge compared to Don Juan just by employing shadows and the right setting of lights. The costumes in the actors and actresses inside the play mirrored the creativeness of the producers. The costumes were simple however very formative. They did certainly not fail to express meanings to define the characters. All the actors and actresses wore black top and pants and would just wear a robe and a cap or some components, depending on the character they have to perform.

The reason behind it was because a lot of them play multiple characters in the production. This was one of the aspects of this play which in turn made it different from any other theatre production that one might have viewed. Comparing the play to the original Ibong Adarna, the plot with the story remained the same. Like the original tale, Don Juan ended up being with Karen Clara.

However were several elements put into make the tale more interesting, the heroes, plot, and setting were unchanged. In conclusion, beyond pure entertainment the play confirmed the different aspect of Ibong Adarna by utilizing comedy and creativity, delivering to stage the personas with more depth of individuality, not just the stereotyped identification which visitors had known and watched. It absolutely was as if, the group, after viewing the play, knew much intimately the characters and can even recognize them even in actual people whom they understand in true to life. It presented and recognized the Philippine ingenuity and excellence in the field of arts in spite of economic limitations. It was the kind of play which usually audience would enjoy watch over and also again.

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