Educational Needs Assessment Essay

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Continuing education plays an important role in the development of nursing professionals in any healthcare institution (Waddell, 1991).

However , different institutions will vary needs to treat with respect to all their nurses professional competencies (Gould et. ‘s., 2004). In respect to Billings & Rowles (2001), the principal question that institutions have to answer is what particular educational needs their very own nurses include that are most relevant to the working environment. This newspaper seeks to ascertain and prioritize the demands of the Medical-Surgical/Bone Marrow Implant Oncology Breastfeeding Unit of Sutter Clinic, Sacramento through the administration of your survey customer survey to a test of several (7) signed up nurses and a qualitative analysis in the results.

Qualifications Sutter Clinic is a non-profit hospital that specializes in providing severe and advanced care to patients residing in Sacramento as well as the surrounding place. Its mission is to provide quality principal and tertiary care and also a continuum of services to fulfill the health-related needs of the people throughout Northern A bunch of states. During the past year, a healthcare facility has been capable to generate 49, 274 affected person days distributed across several (7) medical center units with 20% of which coming from the nursing unit interesting to the examine. The unit provides 14 listed nurses with varying degrees of proficiency and experience.

Effects There were several key concerns inquired from the seven listed nurses that comprise fifty percent of the total unit population. Based on the analysis from the results, the particular areas where the fact that nurses experience should be the focus of any educational program with the institution include chemotherapy patient care, professional stress management, cardiac emergency protocols, infection control, and telemetry. These were the post frequently described topics through the questionnaire and thus appear to be the main concerns according to the nurses surveyed.

From the nurses’ responses, it really is apparent that lots of of the nurses consider these subjects as underdeveloped in their professional experience and therefore, they are incredibly open to undergoing further education in order to be better equipped in the said areas. Some of the nurses prioritized exceptional topics in patient proper care due to the numerous patients starting chemotherapy.

Other folks consider learning proper tension as a concern and claim that while they may be equipped with the knowledge to treatment effectively for patients, they often find themselves stressed out in the process and a few commented to eventually being in need of treatment themselves because of the demands with the work environment which they believe that can handle more effectively with appropriate training. With regard to just how this new educational program should best become carried out, the nurses selected had differing suggestions but you may be wondering what was prevalent among them is a preference of non-traditional educational programs over conventional applications such as in fact going back for an institution and enrolling in a course that you has to be bodily present to enroll in.

The nursing staff generally preferred one of two alternatives which are both to learn under the expertise of experienced mentors at work as well as to get signed up to online learning classes at home. These types of preferences underscore the stress that the nurses happen to be experiencing at your workplace which leaves them with not any energy kept to actually pursue further research by traveling to an company and staying physically present to attend class. Hence, a number of the surveyed nursing staff preferred to mix work and study by undergoing lively learning under mentors who have are experts at particular fields.

The other half with the nurses surveyed preferred to find out through on the web courses they can take with the comforts with their home and accomplish by their own tempo. Common strengths cited by nurses surveyed include the knowledge gained while nurses inside the institution along with their strong proficiency with the use of current technology. The nurses extremly claim that their very own exposure to numerous situations possess honed their very own abilities in working with the same scenarios. However , additionally they cite this is not really the best way to master as it areas patients a few risk when they are handling a situation with the individual for the first time.

Nurses believe that their very own expertise in utilizing world wide web resources will allow them to include better entry to continuing education as there are many specialised nursing programs available online. Furthermore even without enrolling in online courses, the internet supplies knowledge options that the healthcare professionals can gain access to for free. Nonetheless, some left a comment on the level of reliability that these sources possess.

On the other hand, even though the surveyed nursing staff claim that their experience has improved their particular competence, they also cite the demanding duties given to these people at work for his or her inability to pursue additional educational courses in their profession. Some replied that the time that they dedicate between function and their family members practically make up all the time they may have, and cite this fact as one of the key weaknesses in undergoing an educational software. In studying the sample’s assessment of hospital management’s sensitivity with their need for even more specialized education, there is a standard dissatisfaction recognized based mostly in the incapability of supervision to respond to the staffing needs of the unit.

The nurses stressed that even though there are some educational programs offered by the organization, these programs simply cannot always be availed of by many of the healthcare professionals because of the physical and mental pressures as a result of their work load. One hurdle to education that was highly prevalent with the test is the insufficient time as a result of 5: one particular nurse-to-patient proportions that the clinic has not been capable to improve within the last years. Nurses need to prioritize their sufferers over other professional obligations and so continuing education takes a rearseat.

Some of the nurses also suggest that the hospital will need to give offers to rns who are prepared to undergo additional training and education in order to motivate rns to find the moment for the task. Conclusion There is clearly a need to effect effective educational applications for the Medical-Surgical/Bone Marrow Transplant Oncology Nursing Device of Sutter Medical Center. The nurses selected all consent that an effective program can provide them with much needed professional creation that they can use to improve the general quality of service that they can provide for all their patients. Nevertheless , the barrier of a extremely toxic office caused by understaffing need to be addressed first before any program can be implemented that can capture the interest of the product nurses.

Thus, the top top priority need from the unit involves the installation of a stress management system that would be able to help the rns cope with their very own demanding tasks might be successful in obtaining some of the pressure and allowing room pertaining to the healthcare professionals to accommodate professional training programs and academics work. A secondary need should be to address content material that the nurses feel are lacking in their specialist competence including specialized topics in chemotherapy patient treatment among others stated in the survey. It is predicted that based on the administration’s thrust, they are receptive for the results on this study and conduct attempts to help all their nurses find the time to develop professionally.

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