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The book Zeitoun basically talks about a Syrian American family’s experience in the time of Hurricane Katrina. It was primarily divided into two story lines, one of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, the main character, a Syrian American contractor; and one of Kathy, his better half, a light woman changed Muslim. Zeitoun had an incredible life, as well an extraordinary knowledge in the moments of Hurricane Katrina.

He was a successful well-known entrepreneur in local area. When everybody else was fleeing their home town before Katrina came, Zeitoun chose to stay to protect his house and business. Later then when metropolis was overloaded, he journeyed around together with his small canoe, delivering help and assets. However , he was wrong arrested as a looting suspect after that and was sent into jail.

Having been treated as being a terrorist and taken away the right of fair trial, required to confine in a maximum protection prison for any crime he didn’t make. At the end, Zeitoun was released and able to combine with his family members again, although he was not compensated in different ways pertaining to his misfortune. As this guide describes, everything in the moments of Hurricane Katrina had gone crazy, including the American criminal proper rights system. The primary objection with this book is usually to criticize racism phenomenon in the usa and the rotten criminal proper rights system. Racism is a main subject with this book.

It was first mentioned in this book in Kathy’s story line about her earlier life encounter. “Years previously, Kathy and her mother had gone towards the DMV jointly to have Kathy’s license restored. Kathy was wearing her hijab, together already received a healthy number of suspicious looks from DMV customers and staff by the time she seated down to possess her photo taken. Automobile behind the camera did not disguise her contempt. ‘Take that issue off, ‘ the woman stated. ” (Zeitoun page 58) From the bringing up of these types of past knowledge seemed unimportant to Storm Katrina, you observe the author’s desire to insert the topic of racism into this guide. Kathy’s case shrinks tiny comparing to Zeitoun’s circumstance in his detain. “‘You folks are ‘s Qaeda, ‘ the enthusiast said.

Jake laughed derisively, but Zeitoun was shocked. He could not have heard proper. Zeitoun got long dreaded this day might come. All the few instances he had recently been pulled over for the traffic infringement, he recognized the possibility persisted that he’d be harassed, misunderstood, suspected of shadowy dealing that may bloom inside the imagination of any given police officer.

After 9/11, he and Kathy understood that many visuallization had work amok, the fact that introduction of the idea of ‘sleeper cells’- categories of would-be terrorists living in the U. S. and waiting around, for years or perhaps decades, to strike- meant that everyone at their mosque, or the complete mosque alone, might be awaiting instructions from other presumed commanders in the hillsides of Afghanistan or Pakistan. (Zeitoun webpage 212) This didn’t surprise me in any way that Zeitoun have all those thoughts that may seem over-worried in some people’s eyes.. Indeed, another author Maysan Haydar had pointed out similar thoughts in her essay “Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge woman Girl simply by Her Covering. ” “Now some people keep their breathing a bit for a longer time, assuming I’m a fundamentalist or wondering if I’m there to cause all of them harm.

I sense people studying me on the teaches, reading the cover with the book during my hand aiming to measure if I are one of ‘us’ or one of ‘them’. We grapple together with the frustration that I can’t assure everyone individually that my personal goals possess everything to perform with interpersonal justice and nothing to do with holy war. But I have seen suspicious lose colour in the eye of the pregnant woman who I’ve provided my subway seat or maybe the Hasidic person whose elbow I’ve taken up help him up the stairs. ” (Haydar pg 406) I feel incredibly sorry pertaining to Haydar and Zeitoun’s encounters. Muslim individuals are always terrifying to be presumed as terrorist. American scared by the upsetting event of 9-11 created a belief against persons from Central East.

The worry of being attack also again drove American crazy on national security. However , for whatever reason, racism offers put upon so much damage on persons we discriminate against. Muslim people like Zeitoun, hard working and honest persons, are forced to have under the anxiety about being prosecuted for his race sooner or later, taken away by his relatives, locked up in somewhere nobody would know he’s died or not. These fears make them coward under a lowly skin, live like second-class citizens. “In the several weeks after the episodes on the Dual Towers, Kathy saw few Muslim females in public.

She was selected they were covering, leaving home only when necessary. At the end of September, the lady was in Walgreens when the lady finally did find a woman in a hijab. The lady ran to her. ‘Salaam alaikum! ‘ your woman said, taking the woman’s hands. The woman, a physician studying at Tulane, had been sense the same way, like an exile in her very own country, plus they laughed at exactly how delirious these were to see the other person. ” (Zeitoun page 46) Indeed, as part of international society, American allowed people to end up being exiled from other own nation.

In Edward Said’s composition, “States”, this individual escribed the way they, Palestinian people was expatriate from their individual country and forced to spread around the world, end up being denied of private identity everywhere. “Some Israeli settlers on the West Bank say: ‘The Palestinians can stay here, with no legal rights, as citizen aliens. ‘ Other Israelis are less kind. ” (Said pg 546) “The fact is that today I can nor return to the places of my children, nor voyage freely in the countries and places that mean the most in my opinion, nor think safe from detain or physical violence even in the countries I did previously frequent although whose governments and guidelines have transformed radically recently. (Said pg 547) Within a documentary I possess watched, sometimes, if a Palestinian wants to travel from points to points, they must go through checkpoints set up by local military. They would end up being asked to exhibit their confirm of identification and relevant documents which sources were mostly refused.

Nobody inform them what to do in that case, no laws protect them, a lot of them can’t also go to hospitals and educational institutions like every other human being in the course that they don’t have a legal identity. We as adults, teach our children not to bully in school, that it’s wrong to do so. In comparison, as a human being, we allow our nation, ourselves to bully about people with another type of skin tone. Isn’t this amusing? Another key subject placed in this book is the lawbreaker justice program in America.

Zeitoun was initially caught in his residence, then delivered to the shuttle bus station, naked searched make in prison. Throughout the complete process, he previously never been told of his charges, no phone calls granted, no person had ever before given him a chance to guard himself in order to find a legal professional. He was cured as terrorist. In the course of his Middle-Eastern feature, everything about him seemed shady to the pads.

He was kept in inhumane confinement, was handed pork to get food despite his religious beliefs. He had a deep twisted in his feet but was never treated neither given virtually any medical attention. There are basically no regulations in effect, Zeitoun was treated as if he wasn’t a north american citizen any longer, constitutions and laws don’t protect him. “Watching the evidence on the table attach, Zeitoun’s shoulder muscles slackened. Many municipal devices were not operating. There were not any lawyers inside the station, no judges.

They would not talk their way to avoid it of this. Law enforcement and troops in the room had been too worked up, and the proof was as well intriguing. (Zeitoun 215) But the most discouraging fact relating to this is what big t I found away later in the book, that all of this happened to Zeitoun was not special instances happened a couple of times, it was in some way permitted. “But knowing that Zeitoun’s ordeal was caused rather by systemic ignorance and malfunction- and perhaps long-festering systematisierter wahn on the part of the National Guard and whatsoever other agencies were involved-was unsettling. It said, quite clearly, that the wasn’t an instance of a bad apple or maybe more in the clip or barrel.

The barrel itself was rotten. (Zeitoun 307) This is certainly totally different via what I learned from my personal administration of justice category. The whole method is wrong. How could an innocent person be justified this way? Not even a call allowed.

It truly is nothing a lot better than abduction. Who have gave federal government the right to take care of people like this? I guess under the name of Nationwide Security, there’s nothing government can’t do, all laws and regulations and constitutions could be undermined. James Bamford, author of essay “Wired” pointed out similar point, says in his dissertation, “‘They violated the Constitution setting it up. He says bluntly. “But they didn’t care.

They were going to do it anyway, and in addition they were likely to crucify anyone who stood in the way. ‘” “Basically all rules were dumped the window, and they could use virtually any excuse to justify a waiver to spy on Americans. ” (Wired pg 0843, 084) Nationwide Security, in the beginning served the principle of protecting People in america has become a application to against Americans. “The NSA features turned their surveillance apparatus on the US and its individuals. It has established listening content throughout the region to collect and sift through vast amounts of email messages and phone calls, whether they originate in the country or overseas. It has created a supercomputer of almost ridiculous speed to consider patterns and unscramble requirements.

Finally, the agency has begun building a destination to store each of the trillions of words and thoughts and whispers captured in its electronic net. ” (Wired pg 81) Isn’t it intimidating to know our government has gone this kind of far pertaining to “National Security”? Anyone is a target of NSA. Nevertheless who is more prone to be checked on?

I believe this can be linked again to the theme of racism. Look back to Zeitoun and his fellows’ arrest; I believe they would never have been assumed as terrorists, despite the same context and evidence, in the event all four are white. The book Zeitoun serves greater than a journalism. Dork Egger intelligently brought out these two important topics to us through the publication. Could we all still call up our region States of freedom and equality following learning all these previously unfamiliar facts?

It’s time for visitors to stand up to shield the prides of America, fix the criminal rights system, travel racism into history and look ahead to a better, authentic States of freedom and equality.

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