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  • Published: 09.07.19
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“Ded Mhh Si Lolo” is an independent film featuring the different superstitious beliefs of Filipinos. Film production company limits by itself only to Philippine superstitions every time a family member died.

Some of these superstitions are: in a very red coloured attire while you are going to a wake can be prohibited; rosary should be cut so that a family member will not be the next one to perish; it is misfortune to take a bath at the house where the dead lies; it truly is bad luck to clean the house; it is forbidden to accompany guests leaving the wake; and putting a girl on top of the casket implies that the dead was killed. It is funny how we, Filipinos, keep on following them even though we do not also know exactly where all of these superstitions came from. Probably this is because do not lose whatever every time all of us do these stuffs. Inside the movie, I realize myself in the character performed by Roderick Paulate which is Junee.

I actually am the person who does not really usually rely on superstitions and frequently finds them hilarious, however just like Junee, I cannot withstand following these kinds of superstitions as a result of people around me. It really is true why these beliefs have grown to be part of the west and I think it is perfectly normal as long as these kinds of beliefs will not cause us harm and chaos. As we follow every single superstition, we have to bear in mind that it truly is still inside our hands if we is going to succeed or not.

Scarcely believing and practicing several superstitions permanently luck will never be enough. Determination and perseverance are still the keys for success and also the aid of Almighty God. With regards to the film itself, I used to be completely amused. Every acting professional and occasional actress in the film did well.

They were capable to play the roles assigned to them excellently.

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