Comparing poems essay

The poem Presents by my aunts in Pakistan is about a half English, half Pakistaner Girl who was born in Pakistan and brought up in britain. Her Aunts in Pakistan sent her some classic Pakistani clothing. In private she adores the garments but the lady doest what things to show her good friends because the girl thinks that her friend wont just like them.  The poets feelings and thoughts change through the poem. In lines 1-19 the lady is completely happy and grateful glistening like an orange divide open (line 4) this is certainly an optimistic graphic, the gives seem to be exciting, stunning and full of confidence. In lines 20-26 the girl seems she cannot wear these kinds of clothes since she is half-English, unlike Great aunt Jamila. (Lines 25 and 26).

Lines 27-38 show two attributes to her. A single side by simply her stating I wanted my parents camel skin lamp. (Line 27) where she is drawn to but concurrently repelled coming from to consider the rudeness (line 29) but then in-line 32 returning to attracted to the lamp to marvel with the colours (line 32).  Lines 40-44 is around her in her bedroom trying to display her outfits but her friend might not be impressed asked to see my personal weekend garments. (Line 42-43) Lines 50-end are made to be regarding the girl looking from somewhere she is supposed to be And I was there without having fixed nationality she doesnt believe that the lady belongs to virtually any fixed nationality. Staring throughout the fret operate (line 68) she is too far away from the re-establishing Pakistan.

There seems to be not any set structural form to the poem. The stanzas are split up by which ever approach the poet person feels like in broken tempo. The poem is created in cost-free verse therefore there is no vocally mimic eachother.  The use of similes and metaphors are generally used in lines (lines 1-39) where the content material is explaining how amazing the clothing is. The poet person uses shades and fresh fruit to impose a mood across towards the reader in the poem.  I liked this kind of poem as a result of way the lady used colours and fresh fruit to show the way in which the girl in the poem is definitely feeling. We also appreciated how the lady describes the all the garments.

Charlotte ONeils Song The composition Charlotte ONeils Song is around a girl who may be a servant in a estate. She discusses her your life scrubbedscrappedwashed and exactly how she is receiving bored of accomplishing everything. The lady Charlotte ONeil, according to ships data, is a 17-year-old girl going to New Zealand to become general stalwart in a wealthy mans residence.  At the conclusion she says My spouse and i wont be there ever again. and it appears she slams the door and shes gone.  The feeling of this poem is quite anger at the beginning and tired of undertaking the same work day in day out and at the end the lady glad she gone yet know youre on your own my own dear. The structure to the poem is usually not set up in stanzas with set syllables and quantity of lines. The rhyme begins of regular but the even more you go in to the poem the angrier she gets and the more drop the rhymes scheme moves.

There are zero similies or metaphors because charlotte is trying to keep you focused on what shes saying so you wont be sidetracked by the reviews making what she has gone through less graphical.  I such as this poem since there are no adjectives in the composition so it looks a little uncovered in areas but the girl keeps that tighter by increasing the anger and letting the rhyme scheme slip to show this. My spouse and i also loved the way in which the lady concluded the piece by simply saying and you can open your individual front door.  Nothings changed This composition is about the apartheid in district six, Cape City, Africa. A person is going for walks through the field the areas just out area of dictrict six. That’s exactly what walks into district half a dozen no board says it is, but my own feet know he taking walks up to a white colored s just Inn and says there’s a guard at the gatepost to support the true Africans out.

The other half of the poem is details the way hes feeling about the whites that are greater than him. this individual walks up to the window minus out searching already knows what hes going to find. Before I see them, you will have crush ice cubes white goblet then this individual takes all of us down the street to working guys he backs away from the window and contains a burning prefer to smash the clear glass in any way which he can.  The poet feeling and thoughts develop since the drastically during the course of the poem.

Via when the poem begins hes walking thought the areas and although the terrain is usually harsh and hard he feels comfortable there. He then moves down into area six wonderful anger begins to be revealed. Talks about his hands, bone fragments, lungs and hot, white inwards turning anger of my eyes. This kind of surggests that he is start he is upset a bit but since the poem progresses the anger boosts with this.  The 3 poems are about different cultures. I liked the nothings improved poem as it has the many effect on me. The way in which the poet unravels the plot gradually displays how much absolutely nothing has changed.

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