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In the starting chapters of the outsider mcdougal leaves spaces within the story so that the audience can ask questions and translate the book in a selected way. Some of these questions are, his romance with his mom and where he stands within society.

The big question is approximately his marriage with his single mother’s, when he explains her fatality in the beginning paragraphs he describes this in separate emotionless framework. This may be because he is trying to cope with the surprise of his mother’s death. When he says that the telegraph “doesn’t imply anything”, this might be because his relationship along with his mother might not exactly have been high quality. Also while he is on the way to the attention home this individual “ate for Céleste’s restaurant, as usual”, he seems to be treating this kind of occasion like a regular visit. This point is usually further strengthened by the fact that the warden thought she was “happier” at the proper care home. However , if he come to the home this individual wanted to observe his mom straight away.

The protagonist does not give detail about her death which will questions the mother’s health. The warden describes Marengo as not being able to look after his mother properly and that “she needed nurse”, this may infer that the mom had poor health. The structure of Margeno’s opening sentences could infer that he was aware that his mother will die soon by the way this individual doesn’t seem distraught by when the lady died.

The other issue is what is occurring in nation within the publication as he says that having been “cramped facing a soldier” whilst for the bus, which in turn brings up the question is there a war taking place and whether it is a detrimental war or not. He says that Emmanuel’s uncle had died and he may have got died in a war. While the protagonist doesn’t go into a detailed explanation of his surrounding, that leaves you wondering as to what is occurring at that time in time.

Just how poor is Margeno? This individual seem to have to borrow a tie which usually brings up the question of how come he didn’t want to buy this or if he may afford that or certainly not. Also the warden says that he earns “modest income” which seems like a polite way of saying that this individual seem to be poor, however the attention may entail a lot of money. Because the reader is usually not being provided much information on where he works it’s hard to make an assumption. He uses the imagery of “the smell of petrol” which produces the image of a congested town.

The opening pages leave various concerns as the protagonist won’t go into to detail once describing his emotions, people or his surroundings. His relationship with his mother isn’t very clear, or perhaps the state in the mothers overall health before she died.

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