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1 . Exactly what the inputs, process, and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system? 2 . What technologies are being used by UPS? How are these technologies linked to UPS’s business strategy? several.

What ideal business aims do UPS’s information devices address? some. What happens if UPS’s information systems were not obtainable? Answer: 1 ) A. Advices * Package Information 2. Customer Information * Destination * Current Location of the parcels B. Method * The information are sent to a central computer and stored intended for retrieval. Info are also arranged so that they can end up being tracked simply by customer. C. Output 2. Smart Brands * Validations of Receiver * Proof of delivery 2. DIAD (Delivery Information Purchase Device) 5. Barcode scanning services systems * Smart Brands * Wired and Wifi Communication Network (GPRS, CDMA) * Personal pc and Central Storage “Best Services and Lowest Rates” Because of the progress integration of UPS’s technology.

It can give services more affordable and more efficiently. That technology solves concerns like logistics and supply sequence management, shipment forwarding, customs brokerage, mail services. a few. Strategic Business Objectives of UPS’s data systems addresses * Detailed Excellence UPS manage to lessen costs and save M 28 Mls by their pickup truck using modern technology. * New Products, Services and Business Models The information systems of UPS created fresh way approach offer delivery service. It has transformed the way the company collects information, creating routes etc . * Competitive Advantage UPS had previously its detailed excellence and New Products, Providers and Business Models which means the UPS already gain a competitive advantage.

Having this kind of technologies that they employ like DIAD made all of them do things a lot better than their competitors. 4. If perhaps UPS’s Info Systems weren’t available: 2. Operational costs could be larger. * A lot of gallons of fuel could possibly be burnt. * Millions of mls could be driven. * UPS’s would not manage to track all their parcels and deliver all of them efficiently if these systems were not offered. MIS for

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