Boony Doon Case Essay

CIRCUMSTANCE FORMATTING GUIDELINES AND CONTENT GUIDELINES/ CASE QUESTIONS FOR BONNY DOON VINEYARD We Formatting rules The case write-ups should be entered and dual spaced, 12 point typeface (Times New Roman), usual margins with a maximum duration of 5 web pages which you can split between text message, numerical tabulations or sortie as you see fit. You should have a protective cover page with the names, student numbers, name and study course section.

You can include the stand of articles page and 1 web page with the bout. I expect that it will take you regarding 3. a few pages to do the evaluation (points 1to 4) regarding 1 . a few pages pertaining to points four to several. II Content guidelines The structure of your report ought to follow the pursuing template: 1 ) Brief statement of current position/outlook of Bonny Doon (about 1 paragraph) four. Strategic problem/issue identification and definition a few.

Generation of alternatives 6th. Recommendation(s) 7. Brief rendering schedule 3 Case Guidelines/major points to get Bonny Doon Vineyards Reference point: You happen to be writing a written report as consultants to Bonny Doon. Your report will be presented to their senior administration. Here are the key points for your report.

1Describe the current environment for Bonny Doon, which includes competition plus the market developments in the California wine market at the time of the case. 2 . Describe the main popular features of Bonny Doon’s business technique. What are it is benefits and drawbacks in the light of current situation? Why features Bonny Doon been and so successful? 3What are the main challenges and strategic challenges facing Bonny Doon? four.

In light of the problems that Bonny Doon is usually facing, what would you suggest to their administration? You should add a statement to the write-up, that ought to be signed by all users of the group, demonstrating that this is totally the group’s own work, is based specifically on the information provided in case, and that every single group member contributed their best.

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