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Most of the characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’ are social misfits in a single sense or another. Discuss the results of their interpersonal inadequacies. Most of the characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’ are social misfits. Some have effects because of their social inadequacies.

A few of the characters are outcasts for their appearances rather than their characteristics or personas. A classic example of this is crooks. Crooks is actually a man of a black contest and he’s discriminated by other males on the hacienda because of this.

Around the ranch race is an important factor among the employees. All the other employees on the ranch are white but criminals is black. This significant fact is certainly one of his cultural inadequacies. Some of the workers think that if you white you have good luck and position than should you be black. As a result of his competition he is not really called by his name but by the brand ‘nigger’.

He could be not allowed inside the bunk house but this individual has to stay by himself in the harness area. A consequence of his difference is the fact he is certainly not bothered or talked to by any person until Lennie comes along and shows everybody that competition does not matter. When ever something goes wrong the employer shouts at him and blames him for things he have not done by him doing so this degrades him and sets Crooks straight down. But when he was a child he never felt like this.

When crooks was a child he lived in a mixed contest community and he used to play with white colored children at all times until some day his daddy stopped him and informed him against playing with these people ever again. Because crooks was only children he would not understand and simply did what his daddy told him. The workers for the ranch weaken him by telling him that this individual smells which shows that they may have no esteem for their thoughts what-so-ever.

Some people use their very own race and status against him just like Curley’s partner. She tells him that he is absolutely nothing and your woman tells him to keep his place. Thieves also has a disability. This individual has a curled back which means that he are unable to do very much and that is why he is just a secure buck. The same as things in the harness area he is in the ‘process of being mended’.

There are numerous ways in which he can treated just like and outcast so he might think that in the event he is remedied like one then why he can’t just be a single. Maybe he thinks it could make issues easier to get him in the event that he merely gives up rather than struggling to get something that this individual knows he can not going to win. In all C rooks is basically a patient of his own competition and incapacity.

Another reason for some characters staying considered as sociable misfits is due to their persona or character. Curley’s partner shows us an example of this kind of. Curley’s partner is the only female on the ranch for that reason she is omitted and evaluated a lot. She’s judged a lot because the men don’t go out with omen except when they go down to Suzie’s place and because the sole women they know are definitely the ones for Suzie’s place they think that women are like that. Even though she is only a 15 year old young lady she tries to put on an act being an older girl and because of this she is regarded as being naive.

There is also a battle taking place within Curley’s wife. Her inner self is just struggling with to be let out so that the lady can be very little but her outer home is struggling with to be more mature and more fully developed so that the lady can get focus in the guy society. Because she is a girl she is victimised, judged and stereotyped. She gets that the girl does not get yourself a lot of interest and she gets to appear and action a certain approach in order to get that attention but you may be wondering what she would not realize is usually that the consequences of her actions makes her less respectable.

The way your woman acts surrounding the men is regarded as inappropriate and too flirtatious. She shows that the girl with superior to everybody else on the farm because she’s the boss’ son’s partner. This nevertheless means not the men because they do not just like her or Curley at all.

Because of her overprotective hubby and her na�ve methods she has not made virtually any friends by any means but before the girl gets a chance to change her ways the girl with stripped of her life and the opportunity to just be himself. A third sort of a cultural misfit can be Lennie. Lennie is a good example of a different social misfit because he does not simply not fit in but he also fits in just as well. Lennie is one of the hard working males on the ranch. As George states Lennie is only good for one thing and that is working.

They would e has not got a very stable mind and is a lttle bit slow or in other words that he can not mentally stable. This is certainly his problem because it means that he would not have the head to think to get himself therefore instead he follows George’s orders. He has a particular ‘pattern of behaviour’. This kind of pattern of behaviour takes place every time this individual panics.

This starts off with him with him pampering something smooth, then the person or animal verbally or perhaps physically hits him backside, so the over reacts and causes the animal or perhaps person more pain and finally kills these people. After that he panics at the fear of what George may well do to him in the event that he finds out he then goes into denial and blames the incident for the person or perhaps animal. This really is called his ‘pantomime of innocence’.

Due to this inadequacy he is taken to a terrifying and unpleasant death by George as a result of terrible factor he has been doing. There are three characters that show us classic examples of interpersonal misfits and the consequences of their inadequacies.

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