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Overview of the latest State of Technology “Information is a way to obtain learning. But unless it truly is organized, highly processed and offered to the right persons in a file format for making decisions, it is a burden not a benefit”. – William Pollard Enrolment serves as part in the life of every scholar upon entering schools, either public or perhaps private.

It offers students the impression about how the whole company manages and manipulates the entire body. Additionally, enrolment is the initially experience of every students through which he/she participates the school’s activities. The billing system is one of the major elements of an enrolment system.

A billing method is a system designed to handle time and billing monitoring as well as invoicing customers pertaining to services and products. It is quite essential to the enrolment method because it involves the subscription of students, computation of school fees and safe keeping of records. Putting into action an automated billing system will increase the output of personnel while lessening the labor cost as the school won’t need various employees to manage the enrolment process. It can also boost the demand for the school due to having this kind of technology.

Most of all, an automated payment system reduces the risks of miscomputation, saving errors and loss of documents. In line with this kind of, the supporters are suggesting the development of a prototype computerized billing system for Special Jesus Montessori School to assess whether automated grading was feasible, monetarily viable and as accurate as the by hand computing program which they are using. 1 . 2 Qualifications of the Examine Dear Jesus Montessori College, Inc. is actually a private institution founded by simply Engr.

Jesus V. Garcia. It is located at 888 Old Nationwide Highway, Sto. Cristo, Pulilan, Bulacan. It offers Casa (pre-elementary), elementary and high school classes. It is a non-stock, nonprofit educational institution, dedicated to form a Christ-centered community of disciples, serving The almighty and his people through academic excellence, meaningful righteousness, energetic leadership and social engagement.

DJMS anticipate young men and females deeply rooted in the DJMS tradition of “All to get the Fame of God” which allowing them to allocate their time, talent and resources for the great of gentleman and country in the montessori method of learning. It was back in 2002 when Dear Jesus Montessori School was founded by simply Engr. Garcia, a programmer and businessman from Baliuag, Bulacan.

Regardless of being a occupied man, he takes time in mastering God’s expression. He him self is a preacher. He has been invited in various places to conduct holy book study where he generously stocks and shares his knowledge about the actual God.

1 night, he had a dream about God. In his dream, God talked to him and asked him to build a school. In an illustration, he found himself working for what the Master has needed. Successfully, he has over with his job and with God’s sophistication; the school has been operating pertaining to ten years now.

DJMS is still using a manual system for his or her enrolment method. From the entry of learners to the payment of expenses were completed manually. Can make the transaction prone to errors and susceptible to security breaches. Implementing a computer-based enrolment system may help solve or at least lessen the down sides encountered during enrolment. The device will be able to generate transactions easier and more appropriate.

It can also produce various reviews that will help the administration in managing the college, thus, producing DJMS among the top schools with regards to enrolment system which could even result to increase in scholar enrollees. 1 ) 3 Assertion of the Study Problem

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