Unemployment Among University Graduates in Malaysia. Essay

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  • Published: 10.02.19
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Today, we can see the jobless graduates turn into increase before the certain functions have to address this situation. The finding in the Ministry’s Graduate Tracer Study 2006, 35. 7% of graduates continued to be unemployed six months after convocation, while a few.

7% were still holding out job placement. According to the Minister of Recruiting, the number of joblessness female graduates is also much higher on comparison man graduates. Taking into consideration this, we have a pressing requirement for the education government bodies and employers to look into the cause of joblessness among fresh university graduates and find solution to address this matter.

Firstly, the main cause of unemployed teachers nowadays is a incompatibility inside the focus of degree institutions plus the needs of labor marketplace. The reason for that may be lack in compatibility in comparison with the situation 20 years ago. In addition , there is an increase of competitiveness and movements in the labor market.

The job environment today require participants to have some work activities in order to the advantages of qualified worker. Besides that, incompatibility inside the knowledge obtained in higher education institution is among the factor. The second reason is insufficient experiences and skills among the university participants.

Most of companies today prefer to have participants with experience to ensure the employers support their economic competitiveness. The number of unemployed woman graduates is much higher when compared to male graduates. Moreover, those graduates with essential abilities are more more effective compared to these people who does have no skills. Additionally, they should have proficiency in British. Other than that, university or college graduates have to possess their interpersonal expertise in order to cure the number of unemployment among them.

Probably the most appropriate approach on how to get over this problem is definitely the responsible government bodies should expose programmes pertaining to fresh participants. The Ministry of Individual Resources’ Unemployed Graduates Teaching Scheme is definitely an example of teaching programme that is used to provide graduates with certain expertise and experience. Furthermore, it really is maintains we should have the Ministry of Domestic Operate and Buyer Affairs’ recruiting programme to provide employment opportunities to graduates.

Besides that, this kind of programme is to expose participants to opportunities in the exclusive sectors. The last solution to get unemployment between university teachers is the Ministry should assessment the tertiary education program. This includes the introduction of soft abilities through extra curricular activities.

This kind of activities not only to build character but for enhance social skills. In addition , it also develops a critical and creative thinking amongst those participants. It is important for the student to start with accumulating all the work related experience since they can.

Furthermore, the Ministry must continuously stimulates students’ minds through discussions and evaluate case studies to be able to help larger institutions generate high quality graduates. In conclusion, particular number of factors leading to joblessness among university graduates in Malaysia just like mismatch in the focus of higher education and the requirements of labor market, and others graduates have low experience and skill. There are many strategies to address this situation for example give specific and extra training to graduates to satisfy industry’s requires, and improve the management education system.

Hopefully, this problem could be defeat slowly and gradually in order to expand the economy of our country.

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